Monday, 22 March 2021

Most Extreme Case of Turning Black into White

Recently, the Western countries, mastermind of global human rights disturbances and disasters, impudently took issue with “human rights” situations of individual countries, including our country, again under the signboard of “protection of human rights”, thus having made themselves a laughingstock.

Even at this point in time, it becomes a commonplace in the Western countries that the working people fall victims to the crimes caused by all kinds of fire arms and lethal weapons, and criminal and violent groups are overpowering the societies.

The discriminatory practices of violation against women are also far beyond expression.

When we take only a few Western countries for example, nearly 60 percent of working women are subjected to sexual harassment in their workplaces, and a great number of women, girls and female immigrants are victimized by all forms of violence such as trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Misanthropy is rife, hatred towards each other is widespread, and the number of homeless beggars has doubled, crowding the streets, while the privileged strata, who live off the blood of the people, and their mouthpiece are making a great publicity about the West, calling it as “paradise of freedom” and “beacon of democracy.”

Not being content with having transformed their own countries into the human rights wilderness, the Western countries are now openly setting up “exhibition halls of human rights violations” in other countries of the world, taking advantage of military aggression and overseas dispatch, all of which are perpetrated under the pretext of “protection of human rights”, “counter-terrorism” etc. Having corralled into such “halls” where misanthropy and chauvinism are rampant, the West is forcing other nations into tremendous disgraces and miseries, to include slaughter of the civilians, torture of the captured, maltreatment and sexual violence.

Also, the Western countries, which stirred up a hornet’s nest in every corner of the world by agitating for “freedom” and “democracy”, are driving the refugees – who are knocking at their doors after having escaped from the turbulences caused by the West – into the immoral and inhumane gate into the forced displacement and detention at the concentration camp.

The pressing issue, which should be remedied by the international society, is none other than the situation of human rights violations in the West.

There must be a limit to turning black into white.

The Western politicians would be well-advised to be fully aware of their situation, and they should abandon their malicious habit of picking fault with others.

No matter how a handful of forces view the human rights situation of our country, and no matter what reckless remarks they make, we will build with high pride the socialist paradise where all people live a happy life to be envied by the world

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