Monday, 22 March 2021

Hypocritical Chanting of “Human Rights” by Human Rights Criminal

At the 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, European Union and the delegates of its member states vied with each other to pick on quite a few countries indiscriminately, saying that they express concerns, it is deplorable and their voices should be made to be heard.

The people around the world are startled to see the behaviour of the EU which puts on airs as an envoy from “human rights heaven”.

That is because the EU does not live in comfort even for a single day due to its internal contradictions, discords, conflicts and antagonism which are never-ending.

It is only some time ago that the UK has run away from the eaves of the house called the EU and bid “farewell” to it.

The current picture of the EU is the one which is stuck in a dispute for its own survival at the sacrifice of others, far from its underlying idea of “unity” when it was swept by the rapids of global health crisis.

The world people know well where the world-startling incidents openly took place, including the one which made the hundreds and thousands of refugees to be drowned to death.

It is none other than the EU where terrible crimes of human rights abuse are occurring one after another including the ones of appalling Islamophobia, racial discrimination, national chauvinism, etc.

What the EU calls “human rights” is nothing but the one where the jungle law of the animal kingdom is rampant, money is regarded as omnipotent, and the one of corruption and degeneration.

It is indeed ludicrous enough that the EU is nosing into others’ affairs with its own problems put aside.

The “human rights” issues, which were raised by the EU against other countries, cause considerable consternation of the people. Those, without exception, pertain to the independent countries against imperialism which differ from the West in its value and way of life.

It is the same story for the anti-DPRK “human rights resolution” which was initiated by the EU.

The “human rights issue” does not exist in our country where all the people fully enjoy the independent rights and dignity since the whole spectrum of society is being imbued with the noble people-first political ideal which “believes in the people as in heaven” and dedicates everything for people. This has been well acknowledged even by lots of foreigners who have been to the DPRK.

The EU, turning its back on such stark reality, accepts the fake and fabricated data provided by a few human scums – deserters who abandoned their homes and families after committing crimes – as a fait accompli. The EU’s farce against the DPRK over “human rights” is now giving rise to curse and denunciation of all the people.

We want to make it clear that the “human rights resolution” contrived by the EU is the worst case of sinister political plot aimed at tarnishing the dignity and image of the DPRK.

Now even the Japanese reactionaries, notorious for criminal history of having eaten even people during the last Pacific War, are taking sides with the EU over its “human rights” racket. Through this, we can understand much easier about the “human rights” trumpeted by the EU.

Then what is the reason behind the EU’s desperate clinging to the “human rights” racket?

It does not mean that the EU does, in fact, have an interest in the human rights issue. It is no more than a cheap trick to cover up by all means its internal contradictions and conflicts and the reality of human rights violation which are laid bare to the whole world with the passage of time and to embellish the true picture of the West’s human rights situation.

It is just height of double standard that the EU is taking issue with other countries over their human rights while conniving at the severe violation of human rights which are rife in its member states.

The EU is well advised to be prudent enough, keeping in mind that its further indiscretion would bring about a direr consequence.

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