Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Futile Act Will Incur Only Disgrace and Shame: Spokesperson for DPRK Foreign Ministry

Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on March 23 with respect to the designation on March 22 by the European Union of several countries including the DPRK as targets of "human rights sanctions" under the pretext of "countering global human rights violations."

As has been made public, EU performed a farce of announcing the targets of sanctions by pointing its finger at what it calls "human rights violations" in several countries of the world.

The DPRK strongly denounces and categorically rejects this farce of "human rights sanctions" by EU, as it constitutes a part of the stereo-typed policy hostile to the DPRK and a despicable political provocation aimed at infringing upon its sovereignty and interfering in its internal affairs.

The so-called human rights sanctions regime, which EU argues is the legal ground of this farce, is an evil legislation contrived to put pressure on those countries that do not kowtow to EU and thus this regime is being rejected by the international society at large.

The latest move by EU reminds me of the time when it came up with a new regime devoted to human rights sanctions at the end of last year.

At that time, the world people predicted that EU, which likes posing itself as "ancestor of human rights", while wagging its tongue about "rule of law", "democracy", and "equality", had introduced this regime in order to designate as target of punishment the policemen of the U.S. and the West, who then startled the world by super-large human rights violation practices.

The latest farce, however, has again illustrated that the EU's human rights sanctions regime has nothing to do with an improvement of genuine human rights, and that it is nothing less than another sinister political tool targeted at the countries differing from the "value" of EU.

It is the height of abnormality that EU, while completely turning blind to its internal dire defects of human rights, is groundlessly finding fault with the human rights issues of other countries and kicking up a fuss.

It seems that an inveterate repugnancy coupled with a psychotic way of thinking has completely degenerated the EU into looking at all matters and phenomena upside down.

It is because EU is under the delusion that the racism, racial discrimination, child abuse and xenophobia-the incurable trends being prevalent within EU-stand for "protection of human rights" or "promotion of human rights."

The world public is now unanimously commenting that the EU's human rights farce, which is disturbing the world by trumpeting about the already worn-out "human rights" racket, evokes the perfect likeness of someone.

It will be likely that EU is better advised to think of renaming itself "United States of EU and America", without painfully struggling to highlight its "independent character."

There goes a European maxim: pleasure has a sting in its tail.

EU needs to bear in mind that if it persistently clings to the futile anti-DPRK "human rights" smear campaign in disregard of our repeated warnings, it will inevitably be faced with unimaginable and miserable consequence.

Futile act will incur only disgrace and shame. -0-

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