Friday, 19 March 2021

ASSPUK, BGSJI, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support just decision of DPRK about severing relations with Malaysia




London 19th March  Juche 110(2021)
           The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK,the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea Study ,the UK Korean Friendship Association and the British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula(BSCPRKP) today issued a statement supporting the action of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) ;

 On the 19th of March the DPRK Foreign Ministry in a statement titled 'Unfairness Would Not Escape from Stern Judgment of Fairness' ,announced its decision  to totally sever diplomatic relations with Malaysia as it had committed ' committed super-large hostile act against the DPRK in subservience to the U.S. pressure.'

The Malaysian authorities had acted in a most despicable and mean-spirited way by extraditing a DPRK citizen, living in Malaysia who was carrying out legitimate business activities , to the United States . This is an unthinkable action and it is scandalous that the Malaysian authorities should even consider such a move let alone carry it out .

The Malaysian authorities acted in an unfair way right from the start  by arresting the DPRK citizen on false charges , The Malaysian regime failed to provide any substantial evidence against the DPRK citizen and acted in a high-handed and unjust manner .

The actions of the Malaysian regime prompted by pressure and bribery by the US . As the DPRK Foreign Ministry statement says; It is nefarious act and unpardonably heavy crime that the Malaysian authority - a government as it is nominally called, though, - offered our citizen as a sacrifice of the U.S. hostile move in defiance of the acknowledged international laws, not content with its blind acceptance of and obedience to the U.S. unjust pressure.'

 We would add that the Malaysian authorities have totally disgraced themselves . Some have regarded the Malaysian state as a neo-colonial puppet comprador regime and this kind of unjust behaviour on their part only lends credence to such a view of Malaysia .

We support the just and correct measures taken by the DPRK Foreign Ministry against the servile pro US authorities in Malaysia . It is the right of the DPRK to assert its independence  ! 

Down with the Malaysian reactionaries !

Long live People's Korea !

Long live Juche !





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