Saturday, 1 July 2017

KCNA Commentary Blasts Czech PM's Dishonest Act of Straining Regional Situation

At a press conference following talks with Abe in Tokyo on June 27, the Czech prime minister said that "the north's nuclear and missile tests strain situation" and "south Korea, Japan and several countries feel threat," and went the lengths of "calling for continued pressure of the international community".

If the report about his remarks are true, this proves that he is ignorant of the situation on the Korean peninsula or he deliberately shuns it.

The measures taken by the DPRK to bolster its defence capabilities are the legitimate exercise of the right to defence of a sovereign state to protect the sovereignty of the country, existence of the nation and peace of the Korean peninsula and the region.

The root cause of the escalating situation on the peninsula lies in the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK which has lasted for decades and its direct indication--the nuclear blackmail and military threat to the DPRK.

It is a historical lesson experienced by the Czech Republic also that the abandonment of sovereignty and submission under the pressure of big powers will cause an irrevocable disaster.

As the then Czechoslovakia accepted the shameful "Munich agreement" under the duress of Hitler and European powers in September 1938, the country was occupied by fascist Germany and Hitler, buoyed by his ambition for world domination, went in high spirits in the country and brought about the outbreak of the Second World War.

Japan is a war criminal state which caused the Second World War together with fascist Germany and it has not yet apologized for the untold pain and misfortune it inflicted on the Korean nation through four decades of colonial rule. Therefore, it is a country against which the Korean people hold pent-up wrath.

The present Japan is, in fact, a war state as it is going wild to fish in troubled waters from the escalated regional situation and avenge its defeat with the backing of the U.S. master.

The Czech prime minister's talk about putting pressure on the DPRK during his visit to Japan is an extremely ill-boding act that touches off the indignation of the Korean people.

Whether it is the result of the ignorance of the essence of the situation of the Korean peninsula or the product of prejudice, his remarks will result in instigating the militarist revival of the crime-woven island country, and straining the regional situation.

If the European countries including the Czech Republic are truly interested in the detente of the situation on the peninsula, they should demand the withdrawal of the hostile policy toward the DPRK pursued by the U.S., chieftain of the escalating situation, to begin with. -0-

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