Friday, 7 July 2017

Dissolve conservative opposition party!

Dissolve conservative opposition party!
These days youths and students and other citizens of south Korea stage rallies in front of the Liberty Korea Party’s office in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP, a conservative opposition party.
At the 13th rally on July 1, speakers branded the LKP as a group which seeks only its interests, showing no care for the life of youths and people.
The LKP casts a shadow on the student’s lives and makes the prospect of the stability of south Korea all the more gloomy, they asserted. 
They stressed that the LKP, an accomplice in influence peddling in the "state affairs", should be dissolved at once for the future of the people.
They held a strong conviction that the youth could alter the old society through the candlelight resistance of last year, they noted.
A speaker said that he would like to carry on action with candlelight until the deep-rooted evils are removed and the LKP is dissolved.
On the day, the chairman of a civic organization called for the bereaved families of ferry Sewol disaster to launch the action to dissolve the LKP, the chieftain of sunken ferry Sewol.
The rally concluded with dumping of crushed empty cans written LKP into a dustbin.

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