Friday, 7 July 2017

U.S. Is Kingpin of Flesh Trafficking: Researcher of Human Rights Institute

Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- Kang Kum Chol, a researcher of the Human Rights Institute of the Institute for International Studies of the DPRK, issued an article titled "Kingpin of Most Despicable Flesh Trafficking" Friday.

The U.S. which was built on the sea of blood shed by Amerindians is the chieftain and kingpin of the cruelest flesh trafficking, when taken into account the history from the hunting of the black and black slave trade to the present days plagued by modern-day slave trade, the article said, and went on:

A typical example is the trade of African blacks. For more than 150 years from the early 17th century, the ancestors of American barbarians loaded millions of African blacks on the slave trade ship and sold them at the benefit of more than 1 000% at a time.

Those blacks now struggling against harsh racial discrimination and inhuman treatment in the U.S. are exactly the descendents of the Africa-hailed slaves.

Endemic in the U.S. professing "champion of human rights" and "sample of democracy" is modern-day slave trade, making it top the world list of flesh trafficking.

Polaris exposed that flesh trafficking in the U.S. in 2016 increased 35.7 percent as against the previous year.

What is all the more serious is that the U.S. administration connives and does not take legal actions against the flesh traffickers, thereby fostering the crime in actuality.

The light punishment taken against flesh traffickers in the U.S. encourage them stalk the street, making women and children the biggest victims.

100, 000 children have been inveigled into prostitution every year by the flesh traffickers the average age of whom are 12-14 and the many of whom are girls under 10.

Flesh trafficking in the U.S. is now committed in a more concealed and intelligent way through the use of Internet.

According to the report of the Missing and Exploited Children Center at the end of last year, more than 20 % of advertisement website "Back page" is about flesh trafficking and over 3 000 cases of juvenile prostitution in California was carried out through Internet.

It will invite only international derision and denunciation for the U.S., the world's biggest human rights tundra and kingpin of flesh trafficking, to make comment on "flesh trafficking" in majority countries while calling for "observance of international law".

If the U.S. insults and challenges the international justice and conscience while styling itself a "human rights judge" which nobody has granted nor admits, it will face stern punishment by humankind and history. -0-

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