Sunday, 30 July 2017

CCNR Spokesman Flays S. Korean Authorities' "Policy towards North

Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the south Korean authorities made public the "five-year program of state administration" and referred to their "strategy on the north" to be followed during the office.

A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation issued a statement on Saturday to denounce their strategy.

The statement said that the "strategy on the north" touted by the south Korean authorities is little short of sophism as it is dreamy and sinister in its contents and goal. It continued:

The "strategy" has no essential difference from "denuclearization, opening and 3 000 dollars" and "confidence-building process on the Korean peninsula" touted by the Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye groups of traitors while talking about the "north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons" and "unification through absorption".

The south Korean authorities are talking about an "agreement on the north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons" until 2020, turning their back on the DPRK's principled stand that it can never talk about the inter-Korean relations with the "nuclear issue" as a precondition. In fact, this is little short of open announcement that they have no idea of mending the north-south ties.

The south Korean authorities openly copied such anti-DPRK scenarios viciously sought by the conservative group at the instigation of the U.S. as the establishment of "human rights foundation" and support to the human scum in their "strategy on the north". It is unpardonable as it is a heinous political-motivated provocation to tarnish the image of Korean-style socialism, destroy the single-minded unity by misleading the public and "bring down the DPRK's social system".

The above-said "strategy" denies the fundamental issues such as the defusing of political and military confrontation between the north and the south and includes odds and ends. This goes to prove that the present south Korean authorities are keen on worrying about their "administrative results" and popularity.

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to stop such act but ask themselves why the north-south relations are not improved.

They should bear in mind that they would follow the miserable end of their predecessors if they fail in thinking twice, clearly understanding the DPRK's just demand and desire of the candlelight demonstrators. -0-

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