Monday, 24 July 2017

UK KFA slams the anti-DPRK lies of the FCO human rights report on People's Korea


The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement today in connection with the publication of the so-called 'Human Rights and Democracy Report 2016" by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which gravely slandered the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over the human rights issue :

   We totally condemn and reject  the publication of the 'Human Rights and Democracy Report 2016'
by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office .
 Firstly, it constitutes gross interference in the internal affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . As it slanders the socialist system of the DPRK and denies the independence of the DPRK and the right of the DPRK to choose its own system and idea , it is a hostile act against People's Korea and severely detrimental to building friendly and beneficial relations with People's Korea .
 Secondly, the report is just full of lies and slanders. The report is not based on objective evidence but instead on accounts from 'defectors ' from the DPRK as well US imperialists and south Korean puppets.It looks like it has been copied and pasted from the US goverment and south Korean puppet regime. Basically , the UK FCO is simply adding to the pile of anti-DPRK propaganda and fake news .                                                           

 Thirdly , there is no human rights problem in the DPRK. The people of  enjoy the right to housing , to education , to free medical care , to work and even have holidays paid for a state expense ! Everyone in the DPRK  supports dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers Party of Korea and they are happy to build socialism. The great  Juche Idea which stresses the independence and creativity of man and also always stresses the role of ideology rather than seeking to use administrative or coercive methods to mobilise people for socialist construction.So basically there cannot be such a thing as a "human rights "problem" in the DPRK.

   Moreover the People's Korea is a true people's democracy based on the Juche idea and the single-hearted unity of the people around dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers' Party of Korea. In the DPRK virtually 100 per cent of electors vote in elections whereas in the UK the turnout at the last general election (which was said to be a record high) was 68.8 per cent . It is ironic that a government elected by only 30 per cent of the electorate is lecturing a country where the government is elected by nearly 100 per cent of electors . The UK needs to put its own house in order before it is criticises. In the DPRK the electors also have the right to recall deputies.
  Fourthly, it is very hypocritical for the UK goverment to take issue with People's Korea over human rights when you have the situation in the UK where people have to go to foodbanks for food. In the UK there are people denied the right to work, the right to housing , the right to security in old age and many other rights. There is a very long list of human rights violations by the UK which would take a long time to list. In the past the UK has violated human rights in other countries when it had colonies such as Kenya  and Malaya.The DPRK has never had colonies , never had troops or military bases in other countries nor tried to impose its will on other countries.

 Fiftly, the FCO report is really about 'regime change '  in the DPRK , not human rights. What the FCO mean when they talk grandly about extending 'human rights' and 'democracy ' , is to support the overthrow of the people-centred , Juche-based socialist system and restore the capitalist system. The FCO is colluding with the US imperialists and the south Korean fascist puppets in their anti-DPRK campaign to topple socialism in People's Korea and make it a colony of US imperialism. The report reeks of British imperialist arrogance.
 UK KFA calls for the FCO and British government to end their interference in the DPRK and also to pursue an independent foreign policy free from US influence. The British government should drop the daydream of regime change in the DPRK and instead  fully respect the independence of the DPRK and its socialist system , The UK should build mutually benefical and friendly relations with the DPRK.

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