Monday, 24 July 2017

Korean Women Organizations Calls for Final Settlement of Japan's Hideous Crimes

Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) -- The Women Sub-Committee of the North Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration, the Women Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration, the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union in Japan and the South Korean Women Association for Democracy in Japan sent an appeal to all compatriots at home and abroad Monday on the lapse of 110 years after Japan's fabrication of the "Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty".
The appeal said that the "treaty", Japan cooked up in a coercive manner by instigating pro-Japanese lackeys, was an illegal, brigandish and aggressive one unprecedented in history. Under the "treaty" Japan deprived Korea of sovereignty by completely controlling Korea's internal affairs and enforcing the "resident-general policy".
The appeal stressed that all hideous crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean nation can never be written off and no statute of limitations is applicable to them.
Expressing the will of all Korean women in the north and the south and abroad to stand in the van of the struggle for forcing Japan, a sworn enemy, to pay for all its past crimes, it made the following appeal to the whole fellow countrymen at home and abroad:
Firstly, let us come out as one in the struggle for the final settlement of all hideous state-sponsored crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean nation after illegally occupying Korea.
All Koreans in the north and the south and abroad should rise up and get thousand-fold price for the Japanese imperialists' aggression and thrice-cursed crimes that can never be pardonable.
Let's resolutely reject the pro-Japanese remnants' sycophancy and treachery conniving at and shielding Japan's hideous crimes!
Secondly, let's turn out in a nation-wide struggle to get compensation from Japan for the crime of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army unprecedented in history without fail.
Let us fully disclose the truth behind Japan's sexual slavery crime before the world and decisively foil the shameless and cunning moves of Japan to evade its responsibility for the crime and cover it!
Let us totally nullify and repeal the humiliating and illegal "agreement" on sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army concluded by pro-Japanese traitorous forces with Japan!
Thirdly, let's intensify the struggle to smash Japan's scheme for revival of militarism and reinvasion and frustrate its unreasonable hostile acts against the Korean nation.
In Japan, "Tok Islets are part of Japan's territory" are still heard and such claim is written in the defense white paper and textbooks and the ruling quarters are visiting the Yasukuni Shrine to revive militarism.
All Koreans at home and abroad should never tolerate but thoroughly smash Japan's shameless attempt for grabbing Tok Islets.
Let us conduct more vigorous activities to check the conclusion of military agreement and the strengthening of "alliance" with Japan, an act of paving the road for Japan's reinvasion and selling the interests of the nation!
Let the whole Korean nation turn out against the Japanese authorities' unreasonable and vicious political crackdown upon the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and Koreans in Japan and abuse of their human rights!
Women organizations in the north and the south and abroad express expectation and conviction that all the compatriots would courageously come out in the nation-wide patriotic struggle to make Japan pay for all its past hideous crimes and defend the dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation. -0-

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