Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Appeal to World Progressive People

Justice- and peace-loving world progressive people!

We mark the significant 45th anniversary of the publication of the historic July 4 Joint Statement at a time when the fervor of reunification of all the Korean people is at its height.

We, delegates of the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People, Korean National Peace Committee, Korean Democratic Lawyers Association and Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity, met to mark jointly the anniversary of the publication of the July 4 Joint Statement in Pyongyang to reconfirm its justness and historic significance and expressed a firm will to make an active contribution to achieving the national reunification on the basis of the three principles of the national reunification.
Recognizing once again that the prevention of war on the Korean peninsula and the achievement of country’s reunification are the primary issues directly connected with the world peace and security, we appeal to the justice- and peace-loving people of the world as follows:

Firstly, give active support to the Korean people in their righteous struggle for achieving the national reunification on the principle of national independence and great unity of the nation.
The motive force of the Korea’s reunification is none other than the Korean people themselves, and the past history proves that the Korean people is capable of reunifying the country relying on their united efforts.
Make public to the world people of all circles understand the three principles of the national reunification so as to increase international concern on the issue of Korea’s reunification.
Launch a broad solidarity movement everywhere in the world in support of the independent reunification based on the spirit of the July 4 Joint Statement.
Resolutely denounce the foreign intervention and obstructive maneuvers concerning the Korea’s reunification issue.
Further strengthen the world-wide solidarity activities in support of the implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration.
Increase the international pressure denouncing the maneuvers of the south Korean anti-reunification forces which still stick to the concept of confrontation antagonizing the fellow countrymen in collaboration with the foreign forces and hinder the unity of the nation.
Secondly, start vigorous world-wide activities in demand of ensuring the peace and security in the Korean peninsula and making the US withdraw its hostile policy towards DPRK.
The current clamor of the US on what they call “threat” taking issue with the self-defensive measures and peaceful space development of the DPRK is nothing but a pretense for justifying their aggressive hostile policy towards DPRK and strategy for domination of Asia.
Wage with great vigor various forms of protest movement demanding complete discontinuation of reckless political and military provocations and war exercises staged by the US and its followers endangering the peace and security of the Korean peninsula.
Unfold vigorous campaign to make public the reasonable proposals of the DPRK for dissolving the acute military tension created in the Korean peninsula and afford a clear understanding of their justness.
Demonstrate the united strength of the anti-war peace forces of the world with varied forms of struggle demanding for the US to replace the Armistice Agreement by the peace agreement and withdraw its aggressive forces and strategic nuclear war assets from south Korea.
    Stir up a strong world opinion strongly denouncing the deployment of the THAAD that will cause an unprecedented nuclear calamity on the Korean peninsula.
Increase the voice of solidarity in support of the Korean people’s righteous Songun cause for defending their country and nation and safeguarding peace.  
Launch an international campaign for supporting the proposal of founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo which made clear the full picture of a unified state and the ways for its realization.

Thirdly, wage a dynamic struggle to expose and condemn the impropriety and illegality of the anti-DPRK sanctions and the “human rights” racket done by the US and its followers and bring into reality a genuine international justice.
If illegitimate “decisions” justifying and legalizing the aggressive and war acts of the United States are continued to be adopted in the international arena and abnormal practices infringing upon the sovereignty and development rights of a sovereign power are tolerated, not only the peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula and an independent world is far from being brought about, but also there is no saying about a genuine international justice.
Bring to light the illegality of the sanctions upon DPRK imposed by the United States and launch with vigor the acts of resistance condemning it.
Check and frustrate the despicable acts of the United States implicating other countries in the anti-DPRK sanctions and isolating and stifling acts.  
Engage in the practical activities such as international forums condemning by international laws the illegality of the UN “decisions” infringing upon the independent rights of the DPRK.
Wage extensive activities accusing to the world the crafty nature of the US and its followers which are openly resorting to their attempts for the international isolation and stifling of the DPRK abusing the “human rights” issue.
Oppose the imperialists’ high-handedness, tyranny and double standards perpetrated in the Korean peninsula and make an active contribution to bringing about a genuine justice in the international arena.

Fourthly, upgrade the international solidarity movement supporting the reunification of Korea to a more extensive mass movement.
The international solidarity movement for the reunification cause of the Korean people can only grow in strength when it turns into an organized movement involving more extensive masses.
Increase more international friendship and solidarity organizations supporting the Korea’s reunification and organize solidarity activities in more varied ways.
Enhance the role of the national and regional committees for supporting Korea’s reunification to play a pivotal role in the solidarity movement.
Isolate and weaken to the utmost the forces opposing Korea’s independent and peaceful reunification in the international arena and expand in alls ways the ranks of the supporters and sympathizers among various classes and circles.

To achieve the reunification and peace of Korea is linked to the safeguarding of the peace and security of the world and defending of the genuine justice and conscience.
Victory is in store for the Korean people in their struggle for defending the peace in the Korean peninsula and the world and building a prosperous and dignified unified state with the united efforts of the nation under the wise leadership of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
We have a firm conviction that all the progressive people of the world aspiring after the independent new world and world peace will continue to send their whole-hearted support and solidarity to the reunification cause of the Korean people.

All present in the joint meeting of the social organizations to mark the 45th anniversary of the publication of the historical July 4 Joint Statement
Pyongyang, July 4, 2017

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