Monday, 31 July 2017

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Despicable Burlesque of Lose

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces are staging anti-DPRK confrontational farce before and after July 27.
They are bringing mercenaries of the U.S. and its satellite countries into south Korea to hold such unbecoming farces as "commemoration of the July 27 Armistice Agreement", "conferment of orders" and "thanksgiving dinner party" and visit to Panmunjom.
They also opened a "peace promotion camp of UN nations that participated in the Korean War", justifying the June 25 war of aggression and stirring up the awareness of confrontation with the fellow countrymen.
Meanwhile, they held such despicable burlesque of sending "friendship missions" made up of young people to Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands to let them "visit mercenaries who took part in the Korean War and their families to read letters of "thanks".
The puppet forces loudly claim that such "events" are aimed to convey the feelings of "etiquette" and "thanks" to the mercenaries who took part in the Korean war of aggression and show the appearance of those who have "grown up" at their expense.
This is a detestable farce of the losers aimed to cover up their sordid nature as provoker of the Korean War and paint the defeat as "victory" and thus justify their confrontation racket against the DPRK.
History can neither be written off nor deleted.
As known, the U.S. provoked the Korean War to stamp out the DPRK, which was just two years old, and realize its ambition for world domination but sustained only the bitterest defeat in history.
Clark, the then "UN Forces" commander, confessed that "a war without victory--this is the first misfortune ever in history of the U.S." The Korean War brought the first nightmare of defeat to the U.S., a country that emerged for a war and became corpulent with it, and made the beginning of the consecutive defeats for the U.S. before the DPRK.
However, the puppet forces are expressing "gratitude" while holding various ridiculous "commemorations" by use of old men, who stayed out of their mind for over six decades following their defeat in the war, and simple-minded children. This can not but be the biggest shame on the nation.
The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces have always been loser in the confrontation with the DPRK.
Truth can never be covered up no matter how despicable sleight of hand they may play to justify the history of defeat, being oblivious of this.
Historically, the U.S. imperialists have been defeated, hit hard by the DPRK while the latter has always smashed to pieces the U.S. running wild, counting on its huge strength. This is our proud tradition.
The DPRK will continue to write this tradition as a rule in its history as it has now towered as an invincible nuclear power in the East, the world-level rocket power and possessor of ICBM.
If the U.S. and the puppet forces ignite a war again, oblivious of this lesson of history, the army and people of the DPRK will mercilessly wipe out the enemies so that there would not be left even a single man to sign the surrender document. -0-

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