Thursday, 20 July 2017

The root cause of disaster

On July 11, the US 8th Army Command in south Korea was transferred from Yongsan of Seoul into Pyeongtaek of Gyonggi Province.
Great irony is that the south Korean authorities arranged an "opening ceremony of new building", describing the transfer of the US 8th Army Command to the central area of south Korea as a big event.
The commander of the 8th Army advertised that the US base in Pyeongtaek is the biggest overseas US military base in the world and praised the south Korean lackeys, terming the move an "event demonstrating the solid south Korea-US alliance".
Frightened by the terrible strike of long-range artillery of the Korean People's Army massively deployed along the Military Demarcation Line, the US chose the best way to move its forces in south Korea to the areas south of the River Han.
The US calculates that its choice of Pyeongtaek in the coastal area as a new base of the US forces in south Korea is good to massively deploy armed forces through it in contingency and rapidly evacuate it when the situation turns unfavorable.
The transfer of the US military base is a vicious challenge to the desire of all Koreans to live in harmony in a reunified country as it was motivated by the US troops’ scenario for permanent presence in south Korea.

The US military base, the root cause of disaster of the south Korean people, should not be transferred but removed.
Only misfortunes and sufferings have been inflicted upon the south Koreans who had lost their residential sites handed down through generations.
The south Korean people are waging a vigorous anti-US struggle to withdraw the US forces in south Korea, the root cause of misfortunes and sufferings, a disturber of peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and a chieftain hindering the process of national reunification.

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