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Great Achievements for Victory

 Great Achievements for Victory


Generalissimo Kim Il Sung among the heroes of the Republic

Great Achievements for Victory
64 years have passed since the heroic Korean people won a great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists.
The Korean War was a fight between “rifle” and “A-bomb”. The world people watched with bated breath the DPRK standing in confrontation with the US, who boasted of their numerical and technological superiority, while pinning hope on the victory of the righteous DPRK.
The DPRK defeated the US for the first time to bring about the beginning of decline for the US.
First of all, the essential factor of victory is the Juche-oriented military idea, strategies and tactics and prominent leadership of President Kim Il Sung.
Based on the priceless experience of anti-Japanese revolutionary armed struggle, the Juche-oriented strategies and tactics were developed into ones suitable to modern warfare and the actual conditions of Korea. By them, the US desperate offensives were crushed and ignominious defeats were inflicted upon its notorious “victorious” and “elite” corps.
The DPRK’s victory in the war was attributable to the firm spirit of safeguarding the country and mass heroism of the Korean people and army united around the President.
His warm affection and trust and energetic leadership arouse the army and people to the sacred war to safeguard the country and let them display unexampled heroism. The people had lived a genuine happy life as master of country for the first time after Korea’s liberation thanks to his benevolence. They regarded him as their fatherland and believed that they would surely win the war under his leadership. Thus, the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army defended their fatherland at the cost of their lives.
In the Korean War, the Korean people and army proved that, led by great leader, those strong in idea and faith always win victories and it is one of the inevitabilities of history.
Noting that July 27 is the second national liberation day, the south Korean people highly admire President Kim Il Sung, who accomplished the immortal exploits of victory with his prominent leadership.
Now, the President’s feats of victory is succeeded and adhered perfectly by supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
The DPRK’ political and military power, built up by the preceding leaders, has been developed on the highest level under the wise leadership of the supreme leader. In the 1950s, the DPRK defeated the US with rifle and now it has even H-bombs and ICBMs. If the US imperialists commit a rash act, nobody could survive and they could run away to nowhere.
The victory of the DPRK, led by the brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, will be ever-lasting.

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