Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kim Il Sung's Life Adorned with Comradeship

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) -- Twenty three years have passed since the demise of President Kim Il Sung. On this occasion, servicepersons and people in the DPRK are recalling with deep emotion the whole life of the President who gave birth to the genuine comradeship and led the Korean revolution to victory by dint of single-minded unity.

It is well proved by a photo that he had kept in his safe till the last moments of his life.

It is a photo of the President taken with Kim Chaek, vice-Premier and concurrently Minister of Industry, in Juche 37 (1948) when the DPRK was founded.

Regarding it as his most pleasure to gain comrades, Kim Il Sung recollected in his reminiscences "With the Century" that capitalists say they take great pleasure in making money, but he took the greatest pleasure and interest in making comrades.

Therefore, a number of legendary stories about his comradeship were produced during the anti-Japanese armed struggle and the Fatherland Liberation War.

In August 1973 when the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong was under construction, he added the names of 40 martyrs to the list of those to be laid in state at the cemetery and gave detailed instructions on the arrangements of martyrs and attires for their busts.

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung is the supreme incarnation of revolutionary comradeship. -

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