Saturday, 22 July 2017

KCNA Commentary Lashes Out at Pressure for S. Korea-U.S. Renegotiation over FTA

Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is pressurizing south Korea into gangster-like renegotiations over the "Free Trade Agreement" for its own profits.

Recently Trump let the U.S. trade mission unilaterally notify the south Korean authorities that it would get into procedures for the renegotiations over FTA.

This shows the true colors of brazen-faced gangster U.S. as it does not care for the destiny of its colonial servant for its own interests.

Now the economy of south Korea has been reduced to economy of extreme deformity and partiality owing to the U.S. colonial economic policy for over seven decades.

After the military occupation of south Korea, the U.S. gripped all economic arteries of south Korea under the control of the Japanese imperialists, claiming they were "enemy properties," and reduced the south Korean economy into dependent, colonial and subcontract one by every means and method such as "aid," loan, direct investment and market opening serving the interests of the U.S. economy.

At present the U.S. moves to control the south Korean economy find their most striking manifestation in signing FTA.

The south Korea-U.S. FTA signed by the U.S. by forcing traitor Lee Myung Bak is the unequal and shackling one as seven articles of FTA stipulate commitments of the U.S. while 55 articles for south Korea.

During the Park Geun Hye's office the U.S. forced south Korea to fling open its market, import more American beef and fully open its rice market, the only one in grain market of south Korea, claiming that the U.S. suffered more losses than south Korea after the signing of FTA.

Now south Korea depends 87-100 percent of raw materials and fuel necessary for industrial production, 70 percent of spare parts and other materials, core and source technology for production, on the U.S. and outsiders.

American multinational capitals infiltrated into south Korea in various forms and methods like direct or indirect investment, loan, technology cooperation and joint bank to get colonial excess profit, enjoying all kinds of privileges from south Korea.

They become the biggest stockholders having 40-80 percent of stocks of trade banks and main business groups which are the backbone of the south Korean economy and control the whole economy including fund oversight, equipment investment, production and employment. Every year the U.S. gets more than five billion U.S. dollars from south Korea in the name of dividend alone.

It is due to amend the unequal articles which are unilaterally profitable for the U.S.

However, the south Korean authorities are looked down, keeping mum at the U.S. arbitrary brigandish demand.

The south Korean people can never be free from the poor position as colonial slave and evade disgrace, misfortunes and sufferings as long as the U.S. economic domination and sycophantic and humiliating acts of the south Korean authorities are allowed to go on.

If the south Korean authorities represent the mindset of the candlelight demonstrators, they should resolutely break with the pro-U.S. sycophantic and servile policy after recovering their senses, before it is too late. -0-

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