Monday, 17 July 2017

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Wicked Intention of Talking about "Threat from North Korea"

Pyongyang, July 17 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Abe is busy building up atmosphere for tightening sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK over its measure for self-defence.
Days ago, touring Europe Abe met heavyweights of the European Union and heads of state of different countries to claim escalation of pressure and sanctions upon the DPRK, describing its measure as "threat to international peace and security" and "grave challenge".
Such behavior of Japan inciting confrontation, rather than concerning about the tense situation in the region, reveals the black-hearted intention to seek its own profit by maximizing "threat" from someone.
These days Japan is getting evermore undisguised in the moves to revise the Constitution for revival of militarism and overseas expansion.
Abe, in May this year, proposed the first "timetable for revising the Constitution", declaring that Japan would revise Article 9 of the Constitution and enforce the new Constitution in 2020.
In June, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan announced that it would enact a bill for amending the Constitution within this year and take a vote for it at the Diet session to be held in the spring of 2018.
However, the moves of the right-wing reactionaries of Japan are facing the strong opposition at home and abroad.
Early in July the LDP led by Abe suffered a bitter defeat in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election and its support rate is rapidly declining. The reality casts dark cloud to the revision of the Constitution and poses threat to existence of the "Abe regime".
There is a saying "Want is the master of mankind."
The Japanese reactionaries are going to calm down the strong protest against the amendment of the Constitution and realize the ambition for overseas expansion and tide over the political crisis at the extreme phase under the pretence of "threat from north Korea".
This is very cunning and wicked intention as befitting Japs.
Japan can never cover up its black-hearted intention.
It is by no means accidental that Japanese people are now contending that "evacuation drill from north Korean missile", staged under the sponsorship of the government, has no sense of the reality and it is aimed to propagandize threat from north Korea and make an outside enemy and thus create an atmosphere of internal unity" and that "the government would want to say it is impossible to check the threat from north Korea unless it revises the Constitution."
The international community clearly remembers the criminal acts of Japan which has neutralized the Peace Constitution little by little, vociferating about the regional situation, and watches with vigilance the tendency of Japan which is persistently following its criminal past.
Japan had better give up the bad habit of faulting others. -0-

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