Saturday, 15 July 2017

Trump Should Behave with Reason: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) -- The Trump administration is going reckless, talking about "global action" against the DPRK over its successful ICBM Hwasong-14 test-launch.

Terming the test a "threat to the world" and crying out for "deadly counteraction" and "maximum pressure", it seeks to maximize the international sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK.

At a joint press conference with the Polish president on July 6 Trump called on all countries to "strongly react to the very big threat from north Korea." He urged the world to "make north Korea realize that bad consequences would entail its awful deed."

Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to Trump, when interviewed by a journalist of the on-line newspaper Breitbart News Daily on July 7, asserted that the U.S. is letting all its friendly, allied and colleague countries put collective pressure on north Korea, answering the question as to what the U.S. can do diplomatically against north Korea at present.

U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson recently stated that the U.S. will never accept the DPRK which had access to nukes. An official spokesman for Pentagon in a press conference said that the U.S. will never stop its military drills near the Korean peninsula.

To talk about "global action" accusing a sovereign state's entirely just self-defensive option is just a vivid manifestation of the Trump-style strong-arm policy designed to seek the U.S. interests by sacrificing others.

This is just a last-ditch effort of those who have lost their temper, stunned by the strategic position of the DPRK which has been put on a new higher level.

The U.S. brigandish attempt to mobilize the whole world to the campaign against an independent sovereign country for the reason that it incurs its disfavor can never work on today's world.

The successful test-launch of ICBM Hwasong-14 has helped remarkably increase the nuclear capability of the DPRK as a war deterrent and more creditably preserve peace and security in the Korean peninsula and the region.

The DPRK has emerged a world-class nuclear and rocket power.

The U.S. should acknowledge the fact that the DPRK will never put its nukes and ballistic rocket on the table of negotiations unless the U.S. terminates its hostile policy and nuclear threat to the DPRK and dialogue discussing the DPRK's dismantlement of nukes can never happen.

The more desperately the U.S. works to break the DPRK's remarkably increased power and strategic position through sanctions and pressure, the more frequently the DPRK will send big and small "gift packages" to the U.S.

The Trump administration had better behave with reason, though belatedly. -0-

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