Thursday, 27 July 2017

A gimlet in the sack is bound to protrude

Thousand and hundreds of documents exposing all sorts of crimes committed by the Park Geun-hye group was revealed at Cheongwadae, stirring up a great furor in south Korea.
  Some days ago, documents worked out in the period of the Park regime at Cheongwadae were massively disclosed from 2014 to 2016. They were highly likely to contain evidence proving influence-peddling in "state affairs".
The documents recorded with Park’s instructions; examination of supporting control of business operation by the vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics, the application of conservative bodies to its implementation of policy, a framing of blacklist to suppress the progressive literary men and forced promotion of “state-censored history textbooks”.   
It also contained the Cheongwadae’s order such as humiliating agreement on sexual slavery for the Japanese army, obstruction of activities of ad hoc committee for investigating the sunken ferry Sewol and intervention in the local election. 
The disclosure of Cheongwadae documents in the Park’s office served irrefutable evidence proving influence-peddling in "state affairs" committed by Park and her cohorts.  
Cabinet of Pandora
The south Korean authorities presented the documents to the prosecution authorities.
The south Korean people of all social standings stressed that the Park regime was the one that should not be born and her regime was a do-nothing group in all aspects. Availing itself of this opportunity, Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil scandal should be strictly investigated and punish those responsible for the scandal, they noted. 
The historical truth can never be written off and a gimlet in the sack is bound to protrude.

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