Saturday, 1 July 2017

KCNA Commentary Slashes New S. Korean Foreign Minister's Ill-boding Remarks against DPRK

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Foreign Minister of south Korea Kang Kyong Hwa is making ill-boding remarks against the DPRK.

Soon after her designation as the minister nominee, she recklessly faulted the DPRK, saying that "the north's nuclear issue is the top priority task". She trumpeted about "taking an active part in the international cooperation for checking the north from modernizing nuclear and missile capabilities and for deterring it from making additional provocation" and even said that "suspension of tour of Mt Kumgang and shutdown of Kaesong Industrial Park are all the result of the unprecedented provocations from the north".

After her nomination, she met the U.S. forces commander in south Korea, the acting U.S. ambassador to south Korea, the chairman of the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations and other guys where she curried favor with the master while talking about "strengthened south Korea-U.S. alliance" and approved the UN "resolution on human rights in the north", openly revealing her true colors of serving the U.S. and escalating confrontation with the north.

She reminds one of Yun Pyong Se who had been keen on sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, while working as a yes-man of Park Geun Hye.

This is a frontal challenge to the south Korean candlelight demonstrators' demand for the earlier improvement of the north-south relations and for the settlement of peace and stability.

Kang is speaking a lot of her UN career but she has not conducted diplomatic activities with the countries around the Korean peninsula issue like the U.S., China and Japan nor has she ever directly handled the DPRK issue.

As for the human rights issue and the humanitarian field which she claims to have been professional, she has done nothing for the fellow countrymen and for the improvement of the north-south relations.

No sooner had she taken the post of the diplomatic boss though she has no clear insight, experience or achievements, than she parroted what was uttered by the preceding pro-U.S. traitors. It is as clear as noonday which way south Korea's diplomacy will head for.

It is not hard to guess what result the south Korean chief executive's junket to the U.S. will bring as he is guided by such uncomely sycophantic traitor serving the U.S.

It is natural that those who only want to get their "views on security" acknowledged by the conservative forces and please the U.S. master, in utter disregard of the demand of the fellow countrymen are bound to be rejected by the candlelight demonstrators.

The south Koreans clearly remember that at a ministerial inaugural ceremony a few days ago, Kang said that "diplomacy desired by the times is the one reflecting the will of the people, the one communicating with the people".

One has to be mindful of any misfortune that can be brought about by dishonest remarks.

The south Korean authorities have to keep in mind that they are constantly followed by the candlelight mindset. -0-

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