Monday, 1 June 2015

ASSPUK and JISGE hail the 15th anniversary of the June 15 declaration

                 London 1st of June  Juche 104(2015)
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the historic north -south joint declaration for Korean reunification which falls on the 15th of June .
               The June 15 declaration of 2000 heralded a new era of advance towards reunification and inter-Korean reunification . It melted away the icy glaciers of distrust ,division and confrontation which had existed for many decades on the Korean peninsula . This was due to the interference of the US imperialists who constitute an unwanted and intrusive presence on the Korean peninsula. Division was also due to the reactionary anti reunification policies of successive south Korean puppet regimes and their  flunkeyism towards the US and other foreign forces. The June 15 declaration marked a new start , the opening of a new chapter in the history of the Korean people.
The June 15 declaration fully embodied the idea of "By Our Nation Itself" . It was a just and correct application of the Juche orientated line on the independent peaceful reunification . The great leader President Kim Il Sung put forward the three principles of nation reunification and these were further developed by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who strove to fully implement the line of Juche-orientated independent reunification. The June 15 declaration came about because of the Songun politics administered by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il . The Songun politics were the sword cutting through the wall of division and defeating the anti reunification forces.
              The reactionary fascist puppet Park Geun Hye regime instead of honestly implementing the June 15 declaration signed by a preceding south Korean chief executive in good faith , have  negated it ,wantonly trampling on the "By Our Nation Itself " spirit .The Park Geun Hye ultra-conservative reactionary puppet regime have adopted a stance of confrontation and of denying the socialist system in the DPRK which is contrary to what was agreed on June 15 2000.  The Park regime is going to extremes with the anti-DPRK
"human right " campaign . Park Geun Hye is dashing the hopes of the Korean people for reunification and destroying the dream of an independent , reunified Korea.
                  We believe that the Korean people must achieve reunification independently and that there must not be a single US soldier in a reunified Korea !
The June 15 declaration can only be realised once the Park Geun Hye regime is overthrown. The ASSPUK and JISGE support the struggle of the south Korean people to overthrow the Park Geun Hye clique and realise the ideals of the June 15 declaration

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