Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Key to Victory in Socialist Cause

Victory in the cause of socialism depends on how to build the party which leads it and enhance its leading role.
The experiences of the Workers’ Party of Korea are a clear testimony to this.
The WPK has solved all the problems arising in Party building and activities in an independent manner.
It faced many pressure and interventions of outside forces in the course of its development, but never abandoned its line of independence. It has consistently conducted Party building and activities on its own way, victoriously advancing the socialist cause in conformity with its people’s requirements and actual conditions of the country by overcoming all trials of history.
It is natural that such a party enjoys absolute trust and support of the people. The Korean people have regarded the Party’s ideology as their own and followed its leadership with one mind and purpose placing absolute trust in it.
There are many parties in the world. However, it is hard to find such a party like the WPK which is strong in organizational and ideological foundations and in mass foundations, and which ensures thorough establishment of monolithic ideology and leadership. The WPK has consolidated and elevated its position as a socialist ruling party by properly conducting Party building and activities. Thanks to it, when some countries derailed from the socialist line, the Korean people advanced along the road of socialism without the slightest vacillation, and when the imperialist allied forces tried to stamp out socialism once and for all on the planet, the world progressive political parties got together in Pyongyang and made public a joint declaration Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism.
Frustration of socialism in some countries at the end of last century left a serious historical lesson that if a party failed to conduct properly its building and activities, it could not maintain its existence and accomplish the cause of socialism. In those days, not a few parties failed to keep independent standpoint and revolutionary principles in their party building and activities, weakening their organizational and ideological foundations. Consequently, the renegades of socialism held its hegemony and openly forced their anti-revolutionary lines. It created ideological unrest within the party, and the number of toadies to the renegades increased. Owing to deterioration of the party, socialism, in the end, crumbled like a wet mud wall.
The experience of the WPK’s and serious lessons of several countries prove that, the key to victory of socialism entirely depends on party building and its activities.
Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) and Kim Jong Il (1942-2011), eternal leaders of socialist Korea, provided the Korean people with the key to the victory of socialist cause.
Kim Il Sung, founder of the WPK, opened up a new era of building a revolutionary party in the era of independence. He founded a revolutionary party of a new type based on the Juche idea, and, while leading it, advanced an original theory of Party building and systematized it in an all-round way.
The problem to be solved before anything else in party building is how to form the party. Many countries of the world founded their parties by proclaiming the party centre first. But he went deep among the people with an unshakable faith that they are the motive force of revolution and laid the basis of the party founding by setting up basic party organizations. Therefore, in Korea during the arduous anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle for achieving the country’s liberation the hard core of the Party was prepared and unity and cohesion of the ranks in thinking and purpose centred on the leader were achieved.
Based on the solid organizational and ideological foundations, the Workers’ Party of Korea was founded on October 10, 1945 soon after the country’s liberation on August 15, 1945.
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, great leaders of the Korean people strengthened and developed the WPK as a dignified socialist ruling party which took deep root in the broad masses and enjoyed their absolute support.
They built the WPK into a party which represents the interests of the people and has struck its root deep in them as required by the reality in which socialism has become an aspiration and ideal of the broad masses of the people and the social and class foundations of socialism were consolidated as solid as a rock. Under their leadership the WPK was built into a mass party which embraces all strata of the working masses including the working class, peasants and intellectuals.
When the ruling parties in several socialist countries became degenerate and this resulted in the collapse of socialism at the end of last century, Kim Jong Il, eternal General Secretary of the WPK, made public several works such as On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building and provided correct answers to a series of theoretical and practical questions arising in Party building and activities. His works are a valuable guiding principle and textbook that enable the revolutionary parties to perform their missions and roles, however complicated the situation may be.
The immortal feats Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il accomplished in Party building and activities are brilliantly carried forward by Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the WPK.

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