Sunday, 21 June 2015

UK KFA statement on the 65th anniversary of the provocation of the Korean War and the Month of Solidarity with the Korean People

London June 21st of 2015
      The UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA) issued the following statement on the 65th   anniversary of the provocation of the Korean War (Fatherland Liberation War in the DPRK) which falls on the 25th of June and the start of the month of solidarity with the Korean people against US imperialism from June  25th to July 27th (the dates being symbolic as they are the dates when the war started and finished).
                                The Korean war provoked entirely by the US imperialists and their south Korean puppets was a horrendous genocidal war against the Korean people . The aim of the US was not "freedom" and "democracy" but conquest and enslavement. The aim of the US was to seize the northern half of Korea in order to have a strategic bridgehead , so that they could have their troops on the borders of China and the Soviet Union . In fact General Douglas MacArthur wanted to turn the Korean war into a war against China. It was part and parcel of the "roll back " strategy of US imperialism and the so called "Truman doctrine."

    The fact that John Foster Dullles, US secretary of state , visited south Korea on the 19th of June 1950  only a week before the war started proves beyond all reasonable doubt the role of the US in provoking the war.  The Foster-Dulles visit involved tours of front-line areas .

         The US killed over 1,200,000 million civilians in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . During the war the US indiscriminately bombed the DPRK as well as carrying out deliberate and premeditated massacres of civilians.

          The US imperialists committed horrendous and stomach-turning atrocities in all parts of Korea.Several times  UK KFA delegations have visited the Sinchon Ri Museum which serves as a memorial to the 35,383 people murdered by the US imperialists during their temporary occupation of the area. Similar atrocities took place at Rogun-ri in south Korea. The US not only used napalm in Korea but also biological weapons that are outlawed under international law. Recently the US has shipped anthrax into south Korea with the express intent of repeating the disaster of biological warfare.

The most fitting tribute to those who died in the Korean War is to campaign for the withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea and for the reunification of Korea.
            UK KFA joins with Korean Friendship organisations throughout the world and progressive people everywhere in calling for the total and unconditional withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea . The US must end its anti DPRK policy .The US imperialists are building up their armed forces in south Korea with new weapons as well as continuing to carry out military exercises against the DPRK.They have indefinitely postponed the handover of wartime operation control to south Korea and has created a combined US-south Korean army division. The US and its south Korean puppets are intensifying their anti-DPRK campaign under the spurious pretext of "human rights". People's Korea fully needs and deserves total solidarity against US imperialism

 Finally  it is time for the Korean Armistice Agreement ,which is over 60 years old, to be replaced by a proper and permanent peace treaty. We strongly support the proposal of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK for talks with the US .


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