Saturday, 20 June 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses U.S. of Spreading Germ Weapons

 Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- The truth behind the hideous crimes the U.S. has perpetrated by seriously threatening and infringing upon mankind's existence with various toxic germs and substance is being brought to light in succession.
    Shortly ago, a south Korean movie man opened to public the original text of the inquiry report of an international fact-finding group that disclosed the atrocities the U.S. imperialists perpetrated by conducting a germ warfare in the past Korean war.
    The report worked out in 1952 has been given wide publicity by media but it is the first time that its original text was made known.
    It was disclosed recently that the U.S. introduced in top secrecy anthrax germs into its base in south Korea from its mainland to conduct a test for germs suited to the climate on the Korean peninsula, lashing world people into great fury.
    Such facts have brought into bolder relief the gravity of the crimes being perpetrated by the U.S. for its germ and chemical warfare against humanity.
    Unspeakable are the casualties and pain and misfortune the Korean and other people of the world suffered due to the germ warfare and chemical warfare of the U.S.
    The U.S. had already mapped out a scenario for developing germ weapons in October, 1950, stepped up its moves for implementing it and made no scruple of using them in the Korean war.
    The U.S. imperialists mercilessly killed more than 1.23 million innocent people in the northern half of Korea through indiscriminate bombing and bio-chemical warfare during the war.
    In the post-war period, the U.S. used south Koreans as guinea pigs for tests on such bio-chemical weapons as epidemic hemorrhagic fever germ and toxic material RH-787 on many occasions.
    During the Vietnamese war, the U.S. conducted operations for spreading varieties of toxic chemicals throughout Vietnam, killing or injuring 2.1 to 4.8 million people.
    The wars ignited by the U.S. against Afghanistan and Iraq were terrible wars in which various type bio-chemical weapons were massively used by GIs to massacre civilians and deplete environment.
    Various war scenarios mapped out by Washington included bio-chemical warfare. The U.S. has staged drills with huge forces involved in various parts of the world including south Korea every year, pursuant to the scenarios.
    All facts go to clearly prove that the U.S. history of aggression is just the history woven with hideous crimes it perpetrated with bio-chemical lethal weapons the use of which is strictly banned by international law, in a desperate bid to realize its wild ambition for dominating the world.
    This being a hard reality, the U.S. is so shameless as to noisily talk about the non-existent "bio-chemical threat" from the DPRK.
    With no rhetoric can the U.S. put under carpet the truth behind its crimes of germ and chemical warfare recorded in the world history as the most barbarous crimes against humanity.
    The U.S. is, indeed, the arch criminal developing toxic lethal weapons and chief culprit of their proliferation as it has turned south Korea into a test ground for bio-chemical warfare, feigning ignorance of the atrocities perpetrated by it but noisily trumpeting about someone's "threat."
    The U.S. is bound to be buried in the graveyard of history for the above-said crimes. -0-

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