Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Reflections on Sinchon Ri


Some reflections on the Sinhon Ri museum . Sinchon ri is the place where the US imperialists and their collaborators former capitalists and landlords killed 35,383( a quarter of the population in cold people during the Korean war . Many of the victims were childrens or old people.
               I have visited the Sinchon Ri Museum in 2002, 2008 and 2013.
                The US imperialists occupied Sinchon for just under 2 months. I remember during my visit in 2002 I calculated the number of people killed per day by the Yankess the figure was about 400 or 500 . I was told that I was the first person to calculate the daily average of killings by the Americans.
A lot of the stuff is truly horrific and it so overwhelming that it is difficult to take in the sheer barbarity and brutality of the US imperialists. In one place they forced people into an air raid shelter and then doused people with people and threw rice straw over them . Then they dropped a hand grenade in through a ventilation shaft killing everyone in flames . The walls are still covered with a black oily substance which is clearly the remains of victims . It was here that I was overcome by a sensation of pure evil . It was very much like scenes of Belsen or Aushwitz that I saw on the tv.
I was able to meet some massacre survivors . One man very small and quiet and serious, who was a small child at the time, survived because many dead bodies fell on top of him trapping him but at the same time protecting him from bullets He is now a lecturer at the Museum.
The area around Sinchon ri is truly beautiful . Fields of lush rice rustling and tall trees by the roadside. What makes this war crime of the US even more barbaric and despicable is that they chose such a beautiful and tranquil area to commit such an evil and horrendous crime. It brought home to me that the US imperialists and their so "UN allies " were monstrous outsiders destroying the lives of the Korean people and preventing the Korean nation from being reunified and committing crimes that put the Third Reich in the shade !


Dermot Hudson

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