Friday, 12 June 2015

KCNA Commentary Snubs U.S. Hypocritical Talk about Dialogue

   Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Department of State recently urged the DPRK to stop making "provocations" and take a meaningful measure for denuclearization, asserting the resumption of the six-party talks entirely depends on the latter.
    Earlier, the U.S., at a consultative meeting with Japan and the south Korean puppet group, falsified the truth, giving impression that the DPRK has refused to have dialogue with them although they have wanted to do so.
    This is no more than a crafty gimmick of Washington to deceive the world public through its stereo-typed trumpeting about "dialogue" and step up its preparations for a new war in the Asia-Pacific.
    It is well known to everybody that the DPRK has long called for resuming dialogue without any precondition and made sincere efforts to do so but the U.S. has blocked it by raising various unjust "preconditions."
    When the DPRK clarified its stand to defuse the danger of a war and ease tension on the Korean peninsula and, to this end, proposed a moratorium on its nuclear test in return for the U.S. temporary cessation of its joint military drills with south Korea, the U.S. turned down even the former's offer of dialogue concerning the proposal but responded to it with saber-rattling.
    The U.S. has staged a series of military drills against the DPRK in league with the south Korean puppet forces.
    The U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and the south Korean puppet navy staged joint strike drills with various type artillery pieces, warships and fighters involved and test-fired ballistic missiles, while going busy with anti-submarine rehearsals in the waters east of Jeju Island from May 30 to June 3.
    The U.S. has continued shipping latest war hardware into south Korea and formed a new joint division with south Korean puppet forces.
    In the " strategic outline" jointly released by the U.S. forces command in south Korea, the U.S.-south Korea joint command and the "UN Command" on June 2, the U.S. clarified that it would deploy 60 percent of its naval forces in the Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean, the bulk of which is expected to be deployed in south Korea, pursuant to its "rebalancing strategy for Asia-Pacific." Among the latest war hardware to be deployed in south Korea are EA-18, DDG-1 000 stealth destroyer, LCS coastal warship, MV-22s, P-8 patrol planes and Aegis destroyers for intercepting ballistic missiles.
    The above-said joint division, the first of its kind in the world, is to play the role of a flagship and shock brigade for the U.S. nuclear war. Its mission is to carry out a special task for making a preemptive strike at the nuclear and missile bases of the DPRK after infiltrating into it all of a sudden.
    All facts go to clearly prove that the U.S. is just the aggressor and provocateur harassing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the rest of Northeast Asia to bring dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over there.
    In the final analysis, the "threat from nukes and missiles from the north" much touted by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet regime has only brought to light their scenario to attain such a sinister design as to finally round off their preparations for a nuclear war by bringing means for a nuclear preemptive strike to south Korea and make such strikes at the DPRK and its neighboring countries any moment.
    It is by no means fortuitous that the Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that the resumption of the six-party talks and diplomatic settlement are possible only through the defusing of the tense military and political situation on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity.
    The U.S. can never evade its responsibility for scuppering the opportunity for denuclearization on the Korean peninsula and escalating tension there. -0-

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