Friday, 12 June 2015

Speech to UK KFA AGM on the June 15 declaration and Korean reunification

                         On the 15th of June it will be 15 years since the historic  north –south declaration was signed between the DPRK and south Korea.

 The then south Korean chief executive Kim Dae Jung (himself a former political prisoner in south Korea ) made an unprecedented trip to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea  where he met the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  and signed the historic north-south declaration . The declaration was based on the principle of "By Our Nation Itself " meaning that Korea should be reunified by its own efforts not by the intervention of foreign powers. Some Western commentators at the timejust viewed the situation through Cold War lenses and thought that the June 15th declaration meant that the DPRK was giving up its socialist system but they were severely mistaken. I think is important that British friends of the DPRK and British progressives understand what Korean reunification means  , it does not mean the DPRK being annexed by the south or the so-called unification of systems. The June 15 declaration does not mean the so-called German model  of reunification nor the DPRK merging with south Korea  like south Yemen merged with north Yemen in 1990. Korea is Korea not Germany or the Yemen.  The DPRK will never give up socialism nor allow the  south Korean puppets to impose capitalism on the north.

                      The historic June 15th declaration was a bridge over the chasm of national division that had been imposed by outside forces principally the aggressive US imperialists. It was a bridge of hope , a rainbow bridge of unity and national reconciliation.

The June 15 declaration fully represented the will and aspirations of the entire Korean people north and south for peaceful reunification. The June 15 declaration was the precious fruit of the persevering and continuous efforts of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL who worked day and night for reunification. It was a lofty manifestation of the DPRK's stance fo independent reunification and its profoundly peace-loving policy.
         Regrettably the ideas and concepts of the June 15 declaration have been negated by the fascist Park Geun Hye puppet regime, the sworn enemies and oppressors of the south Korean people. They have trampled down the June 15 declaration and have opposed reunification.
                           Park Geun Hye has advanced the so-called Dresden Declaration which envisages so -called German style reunification which in essence means the annexation and colonization of the DPRK and the destruction of its socialist system. This is contrary to the principles of the June 15 declaration. Park Geun Hye has not only made south Korea more dependent on the US and Japan but has even tried to drag the EU and other countries into Korean affairs. Park Geun Hye is a traitor for all times.
Let us step up our struggle to show solidarity with Korean reunification

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