Wednesday, 24 June 2015

History indicts US imperialist brutality-from Voice of Korea website

   I, together with visitors, continued to visit the exhibition hall of the anti-US education in the National House of Class Education with hatred for the sworn enemy US imperialists who imposed untold misfortunes and sufferings upon the Korean people. Having watched for a chance to invade Korea, the US imperialists provoked the Korean war on June 25, Juche 39 or 1950. I stepped to the exhibition hall which displays materials on the massacres committed by the brutish US imperialists during the Korean war between June Juche 39 or 1950 and July Juche 42 or 1953.
  Displayed there were pictures showing that during the temporary strategic retreat of the Korean People´s Army the US imperialist aggressors killed people of all ages and both sexes in a cold-blooded way everywhere they went in the northern half of Korea, burning them and burying them alive in groups. The lecturer explained that the US imperialist aggressors cruelly killed Koreans in the most brutal way beyond human imagination in the temporarily-occupied areas in the northern half of Korea.
   The US imperialist murderers killed people by driving spikes into their skulls, dismembering them with carts and disembowelling pregnant women. They chopped arms and legs of people to make them cripples.
  Written in a pocket notebook of a US imperialist aggressor killed during the Korean war are the letters reading; "I cannot sleep without killing", which triggered off indignation of the visitors.
   Looking round the materials in the exhibition hall, the visitors more clearly understood that the US imperialist aggressors are the most brutal and cruellest wolves in the world. Looking at the pictures of corpses of many patriots and innocent inhabitants killed by the US imperialists and the class enemy, the visitors burned their hearts with a resolve to take revenge upon them a thousandfold.
   The lecturer said:
   "These are only the tip of iceberg of murderous atrocities of the US imperialists. The US imperialist piratic planes indiscriminately bombed and strafed populated areas which had nothing to do with military establishments, killing a lot of innocent people."
    Their brutal bombing destroyed towns, countryside, industrial and cultural establishments, historical relics and remains and even isolated houses in deep valleys and hospitals in Korea.
  Also displayed in the exhibition hall were pictures of the nefarious atrocities committed by the US imperialist aggressors who killed a lot of Koreans even with germ and toxic chemical weapons in gross violation of the recognized international law.
  The pictures of the US imperialists´ hair-raising atrocities made the visitors feel greater revenge and hatred.
   Visitor Yun Song Hyok has this to say:
   "If the US imperialists attack this land again, our army and people will give vent to the pent-up grudge like an active volcano of revenge and mercilessly sweep away the invaders."
   The brutal atrocities committed by the US imperialist aggressors against the Korean people during the past Fatherland Liberation War clearly show that the US imperialists are wolves in human skin and the sworn enemy who cannot live under the same sky with the Korean people.
   I left the National House of Class Education with a will to annihilate the enemy, keenly feeling once again that the aggressive nature of the US imperialists has not changed at all and peace can never be settled on this land as long as they are not swept away from the earth.

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