Monday, 29 June 2015

UK KFA slams covert surveillance of Picket

                   London 29th of June 2015
As reported the UK KFA Picket of the US embassy on the 25th of June was a great success , everyone that was there agrees . However the picket was subjected to a very hamfisted attempt at covert surveillance by the creepy characters pictured . These were not innocent bystanders or journalists as they quickly moved away and were apparently seen to get into a car with a number plate ending in kkk . We leave it to you to decide how they are and who they were working for !
UK KFA strongly condemns this attempt at covert surveillance of our picket which was a legitimate protest which had been cleared in advance with the authorities .

In normal circumstances we would have ignored this action without commenting and just got on with the business of defending the DPRK .However it is is one of several hostile actions against both KFA and UK KFA . These have included DOS attacks on the main KFA website , the actual blocking of the KFA website on the orders of the US authorities and last years victimization of a UK KFA Offficial his workplace.

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