Friday, 26 June 2015

KCNA Commentary on Cause of Outbreak of MERS in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) -- More and more south Koreans are getting increasingly skeptical about the authorities' explanation of the cause of outbreak of MERS in south Korea which is now spreading there at a rapid tempo.
    It was reported that in the earliest phase of the south Korean outbreak, 100 south Korean military personnel were quarantined at the Osan U.S. Air Force Base, following the MERS infection of a serviceman.
    This indicates that the Osan Base may have been the starting point of the MERS outbreak, not a south Korean who visited a Mideast country.
    As already reported worldwide, there is a laboratory for germ warfare of the U.S. forces at the Osan Base.
    The U.S. used to conduct dangerous biochemical experiments under the pretext of a military biological surveillance program, etc. in south Korea.
    The U.S. openly announced that it recently conducted an experiment of anthrax at the base under the pretence of coping with the "biochemical threat from north Korea".
    This fact alone proves that south Korea may turn into a horrible epidemic area and hell of death any time due to the U.S. scenario.
    In April 2014, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency inaugurated its Biological Technologies Office with MERS research as its top priority. This Pentagon-funded program outsources biowarfare-related research to dozens of biotech companies and civilian labs at institutes and universities in the U.S. and abroad.
    A U.S. naval research unit based in a country subsequently deciphered the genetic code of MERS.
    The U.S. is getting frantic to realize the sinister ambition to dominate the world with the horrible biochemical weapons at home and abroad. No doubt, the U.S. will perpetrate such acts without hesitation in its colony south Korea.
    The first MERS infection was reportedly pinned on a man in Kyonggi Province where the Osan Base is located.
    Now south Korean people unanimously raise questions as to the outbreak of epidemic timed to coincide with the anthrax experiment made by the U.S. forces.
    A Japanese American newspaper reporter on June 18 said in an article:
    "The shipment was possibly organized to falsely attribute any death of Korean military personnel to anthrax rather than MERS in order to conceal the weaponization of MERS."
    The U.S. has always been behind a lot of misfortunes and sufferings of mankind.
    The truth behind the suspicious epidemic outbreak is clear and those responsible for it can never escape a severe punishment. -0

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