Wednesday, 24 June 2015

History of US imperialist aggression of Korea indicted

   The National House of Class Education in the capital city Pyongyang displays pictures and evidences which nakedly expose the history of the US imperialist aggression of Korea.
   I, together with visitors, called at the exhibition hall of the anti-US education which deals with the history of crimes committed by the US imperialists against the Korean people.
  At the entrance to the exhibition hall was a model of the aggressor ship "General Sherman" proving the crimes of the US imperialists who stretched out their tentacles of aggression to Korea long ago.
   Kim Son Hui, Lecturer of the National House of Class Education, has this to say:
   "In 1866 the US imperialist aggressors intruded into the River Taedong aboard this ship. It was the beginning of the US imperialists´ invasion of Korea."
  The lecturer went on to say that in order to open the road for invasion of Korea the US imperialist aggressors threatened feudal rulers with warship and cannons and forced them to sign a subordinate unequal treaty. She also explained about the murder and plunder of the aggressors and the brave struggle of the Pyongyang people who buried the "General Sherman" in the River Teadong. Listening to her, we felt a burning hatred for the US imperialists who started their invasion of Korea one hundred and scores of years ago.
  We stopped before the stand with materials on the unequal "Korea-US Treaty" forced in 1882 and various evidences including different kinds of religious books and crosses used by American missionaries to spread nonresistance and worship and flunkeyism towards the United States among the Koreans.
   The lecturer said, in the 1880s the US imperialists, making larger-scale preparations for invasion of the Asian continent, regarded it as a primary task to conclude an unequal treaty in a bid to subordinate Korea, the gateway to the continent, at any cost and gain a foothold for invasion of the continent. In the exhibition hall there were pictures and figures of the material resources plundered by the US imperialists in Korea. The US imperialist aggressors left no stone unturned to realize their ambition for aggression. The visitors stepped to the exhibition hall which displays the materials on the atrocities of the US imperialists who revealed their attempt to invade Korea more cunningly and undisguisedly.
  The visitors´ attention was focussed on the materials telling that the US imperialists occupied south Korea under the guise of "liberator" in less than one month after Korea was liberated from the Japanese imperialist colonial rule in August Juche 34 or 1945.
   The lecturer said:
   "The US imperialists are not only the wicked aggressors who watched for a chance to invade Korea and stretched out their tentacles of aggression from long ago, but also the mastermind of national division who bisected Korea after liberation."
  Looking at the materials and pictures on display under the title "Fabrication of the cursed 38th parallel", the visitors expressed hatred and indignation against the US imperialists. The 38th parallel was an illegal and criminal invention artificially made by the cunning US imperialists outrageously in total disregard of the will and desire of the Korean nation and the international usage.
   Also displayed there were materials on the hair-raising atrocities of the US imperialists who suppressed and killed one million innocent people between September Juche 34 or 1945 and June Juche 39 or 1950 just before the provocation of the Korean war.
  Referring to the invasion, plunder and brutal atrocities of the US imperialist aggressors, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, visitor O Kwang Chol has this to say:
   "The US imperialists admit that they have been the enemy of the Korean people. But they are still professing themselves to be ´liberator´ in the face of the world. Nowhere in the world can be found such brazen-faced aggressors and burglars."
   The visitors stepped to the next exhibition hall, hardening their annihilating will to settle accounts with the US imperialists, the sworn enemy who cannot live under the same sky with the Korean people.

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