Monday, 22 June 2015

Cymbidium Manbokhwa

Horticulturists of the DPRK bred a new kind of flower.
Researchers of Pyongyang Horticultural Institute reared the flower by hybridizing different kinds of cymbidium.
The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un saw the flower in March Juche101 (2012) and named it “Manbokhwa”.
The flower is associated with his noble will to make the Korean people live the happiest life enjoying all blessings.
Manbokhwa is an evergreen perennial flower belonging to Cymbidium hybridium of Orchidaceae.
The plant is 50-60cm high and some 8 leaves come out from several bulbs on the root neck.
A flower stalk grows 45-50 cm from the bottom of a stem.
On the stalk 10-15 flowers open one upon another.
A flower is 10-11 cm in diameter.
A flower consists of a labiate petal, two petals surrounding it and three receptacles.
The labiate petal is dark pink and purple spots are placed along its edge.
Two petals and three receptacles look light pink on a white ground.
It is a really beautiful flower.
The flower begins to bloom in December and lasts for over 3 months.
The flower of a cut stalk in a vase remains blown for over a month.
The flower is cultivated at 5℃-30℃ and so can be grown in all places.
Manbokhwa is in full bloom across the country today like the features of the Korean people enjoying all blessings under the care of the WPK.

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