Thursday, 18 June 2015

A brief review of "A Marxist Critique of Songun " Do not buy it is rubbish and a rip off

I have now read Mr Jason Unruhes "Critique of Songun " . Firstly , 195 pages of this 245 page book basically nearly 80 % of the book is actually copied and pasted from the KASS course on the Songun idea and Songun politics on the Naenara website. Some may say that this is fair because Unruhe is actually using genuine DPRK source material unlike some writers , however it also means that you download free of charge on the naenara website a large part of the book without pay #18 for it ! . The actual "critique" of Songun is only 50 pages and consists of garbled and confused ramblings by the author showing that his understanding and knowledge of the DPRK are limited and superficial . He claims the DPRK has defined the military as a class , this is not true . He is totally unaware of the struggle of the great leader President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il against warlord bureaucratism and the purge of the warlord bureaucrat faction in the army in 1969. Jason also claims that the DPRK is Confucian or influenced by Confucianism and extols Mao’s struggle against feudal Confucianism but is totally unaware that President Kim Il Sung repeatedly attacked Confucianism in his speeches for example  at the 5th congress of the Workers Party of Korea. Space does not permit a full and devastating rubbish which is more or less a rehash of NK News type slanders and the theories of bourgeois academics but I hope to publish later this year or early next year my own refutation and a defence of Songun . Basically do not pay heed to this buffoon and the book is certainly a rip off !

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