Thursday, 4 June 2015

KCNA Condemns U.S. Anthrax Germ Experiment

 Pyongyang, June 4 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency in an indictment released on Thursday vehemently condemned the recent anthrax germ experiment conducted by the U.S. forces in south Korea.
    This was another grave politically-motivated provocation against the DPRK and an unpardonable act of bringing the dark clouds of bio-chemical warfare to hang over the Korean peninsula, the indictment said, and went on:
    The recent anthrax germ experiment conducted by the U.S. in its air force base in Osan of south Korea was a hideous crime against humanity as it was aimed to exterminate the Korean nation.
    The anthrax germ called "horrible white powder" and "weapon of evil" is one of the dangerous biological weapons whose killing power is 95 percent.
    It incurs more serious casualties and environmental damage than any other pathogen for its peculiarity.
    In utter disregard of this fact, the U.S. secretly introduced anthrax germs into south Korea for its experiment to seriously threaten the existence of mankind, the worst criminal act to exterminate the Korean nation.
    The U.S. defined the Korean peninsula as the most dangerous area of germ warfare to estimate the power of killing by anthrax germs. Since 1998 it has conducted experiments after setting up institutes and germ-related facilities in its military bases in Osan, Ryongsan and Phyongthaek, for the first time among its bases overseas.
    The above-said experiment in the Osan military base is part of the bio-chemical warfare the U.S. has so far waged against the Korean nation.
    During the past Korean war the U.S. perpetrated thrice-cursed germ warfare, regarding the Korean peninsula as a ground for testing bio-chemical weapons.
    It even used internationally banned chemical weapons.
    More than 1.23 million people were brutally killed in the northern half of Korea during the war due to the U.S. imperialists' indiscriminate air raids and bio-chemical warfare.
    After the Armistice Agreement was signed, the U.S. has stepped up the moves for bio-chemical warfare against the Korean nation, adding to its crimes.
    Consequently, south Korea has turned into the world's worst colony and biggest arsenal of bio-chemical weapons as the U.S. shipped all types of nuclear and bio-chemical weapons into south Korea for deliberately conducting tests on living human bodies.
    The above-said anthrax germ experiments in south Korea are heinous war crimes committed pursuant to the U.S. scenario for world domination.
    For the U.S., the bio-chemical warfare is one of the major military scenarios to invade other countries and dominate the world.
    The U.S. has pushed ahead with the development of bio-chemical weapons for a long time and directed great efforts to researches into them and their production.
    Since truce in Korea the U.S. has more frantically pushed forward the establishment of bio-chemical weapons system according to the hegemonic viewpoints of the chief executives that it should be rounded off in the light of political and military interests of the White House and should not be restricted by the international arms control mechanism.
    The U.S. development of bio-chemical weapons is premised on their use and aimed at world domination. Hence, the U.S. plan for the development of bio-chemical weapons obviously assumes offensive nature.
    U.S. "counter-terrorism" is an undisguised bio-chemical warfare being perpetrated by the U.S. worldwide under the pretext of coping with "bio-chemical threats".
    The U.S. is hyping "threats" from the DPRK in a bid to invade the DPRK located in the region of military and geopolitical importance in its strategy for world domination.
    Lurking behind the U.S. noisy trumpeting about the non-existent "bio-chemical threat" from the DPRK is a sinister intention to legalize its bio-chemical warfare under its pretext.
    The ongoing U.S. moves to ignite a bio-chemical warfare are a grave human rights abuse against the international community and a hideous crime which deserves humankind's punishment.
    The U.S. is, indeed, an arch criminal manufacturing, stockpiling and proliferating WMDs. It is an empire of devils, chieftain of bio-chemical warfare and synonym for human rights abuses as it stoops to any move to exterminate other nations and countries in utter disregard of international law and world public opinion for realizing its ambition for aggression.
    The moves stepped up by the U.S. for a war of aggression against the DPRK under the pretext of "nuclear and bio-chemical threats" would only compel the DPRK to further bolster up its capability for self-defence.
    If the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group persist in their moves for bio-chemical warfare, they will be held wholly accountable for all the ensuing consequences and will have to pay a dear price for them. -0-

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