Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Park regime in a predicament

The Park Geun-hye regime, that took power through fraudulent election and has engrossed in fascist dictatorship and treachery, finds itself in a tight corner. 
The south Korean prime minister, a main target of Song Wan-jeong case, resigned his post and current governor of south Gyeongsang Province, who squeezed a hundred million money from Song, is under intensive investigation of the south Korean Prosecution Service.  
The Song case excited illegal fund of the “presidential election” held in 2012.
From October to November in 2012 when the 18th “presidential election” entered the critical stage, the Gyeongnam Business Group headed by Song handed over hundreds of million cash to the election measure committee of the present chief executive. 
In particular, the fact that the note left by Song were listed with names of some persons of the then presidential measure committee presume a colossal amount of money was spent for the “presidential election.”
In this regard, the south Korean mass media asserted the Prosecution Service’s investigation should focus on illegal fun of the “presidential election” of the present chief executive.
As the 18th “presidential election” was branded as a fraudulent election, if the fund of the “presidential election” is made public by the Song’s case, the result would lead to a complete destruction of the present regime. 
The ruling Saenuri Party set up illegal offices for the “presidential election” in 2012 at 12 officetel to launch illegal SNS activities and make fund, a south Korean Sisa Journal exposed on May 10. 
In this connection, the opposition parties including the Alliance for New Politics and Democracy and various circles urged the Blue House and the ruling Saenuri Party to accept the special investigation, denouncing it is unimaginable large-scale illegal act.
Now the south Korean public sentiment commented the Song Wan-jeong case would be the worst crisis insoluble for the Park regime.
The south Korean people are crying for the resignation of the present conservative ruling quarters.

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