Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Evil Country

An article posted on a south Korean Internet read:
“The United States of America is an aggressor that, regardless of international laws, ruthlessly infringes upon sovereignty of other countries, and an evil country that inflicts untold misfortunes, pains and death on humankind. Utterly infatuated with extreme national chauvinism and misanthropy, the US slaughtered the Korean and other nations indiscriminately as it had hunted American Indians. Though it frequently professed ‘human rights’ and ‘world peace,’ it only sought to satisfy its own interests and realize its wild ambition for world domination.”
As mentioned in the article, the US committed the most barbarous and brutal acts of aggression and massacre against the Korean nation.
The mass slaughter the American troops committed in Rogun-ri during the Korean war (1950 – 1953) is a showcase for it.
The US Army Command issued an order to reduce to ashes the villages around the Thaebaek Mountains in south Korea on the pretext that such backwoods villages might be suitable for the north Korean army to take refuge. Then the American soldiers killed the civilians en masse by firing machine-guns and dropping napalm bombs in broad daylight, and even used randomly germ weapons such as flies infected with vicious epidemic bacilli, thus massacring civilians in many regions.
Millions of innocent Koreans were mercilessly killed during the Korean war, including over 35 000 or a quarter of the total population of Sinchon County in the northern half of Korea which was temporarily occupied by American troops.
The GIs being stationed in south Korea for several decades have killed numerous innocent people. They shot to death in Kunsan a girl picking edible greens, asserting that they took her for a pheasant, and a woodcutter in Phaju. They shaved the head of a woman in Tongduchon, cold-bloodedly killed a woman named Yun Kum I, and brutally ran an armoured vehicle over two schoolgirls passing by. Such cases are beyond count.
At present the engagement of the United States in the “anti-terror war” engenders new slaughter.
The US that commenced an anti-terror war after 9/11 incident stated that it would be a war of ideology against the Islam. Since then it has indulged itself in the acts of vandalizing Islamic culture and thwarting governments in Islamic countries while killing people indiscriminately.
A base-master under the First Division of the US Marine Corps occupying Iraq said it was delightful and fun to shoot down people and he preferred sounds of firing guns and people screaming.
Another US marine roared with laughter at the sight of an Iraqi girl, who was shot and bleeding between her eyes, and, worse still, made a song to this effect. The US soldiers reportedly kept as mementos the bones of head, finger and toe of Iraqi people.
It is none other than the United States that made the Ebola virus spreading across the West African countries and exposing the whole world to threat.
Paul Craig Roberts, who was an adviser to former US president Ronald Reagan, revealed that the original strain of the virus was developed in biological weapons research centres the US government operated in West Africa with an eye toward biological warfare. Cyril Broderick, a Liberian university professor, disclosed a fact that a few weeks before the outbreak of the virus in Guinea and Sierra Leone in 2014 the US Department of Defense funded a US 140 million-worth project for an experiment on a living body with the virus. Blaming the US as the mastermind of biological terror committed against Kenema in Sierra Leone, the Liberian professor lamented that African countries, for their backwardness in science and industry, have become testing grounds of the US biological weapons.
Unanimous are experts in their opinion that the US, in hot pursuit of its wild ambition of world domination, has been undertaking researches for biological weapons for decades in West African region and the Ebola virus are one of those deadly viruses created in this course.
The US-made virus claimed 10 000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and other countries.
The United States that kills people without discrimination and even thinks the extermination of whole mankind possible to satisfy its aggressive ambition is the mastermind of human slaughter, an evil country.
This country is posing as a “world judge” in the international arena.

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