Friday, 29 May 2015

BBC liars challenged !

A UK KFA member has written a complaint to the BBC for its inaccurate(to say the least) reportage of the DPRK. This time the BBC have dredged up a DPRK " defector " who makes the surreal claim that the DPRK was training computer hackers in the 1980s before the appearance of the Internet on the world scene and when the use of computers in the DPRK was virtually unknown !
The complaint is as follows
"Dear BBC online , for many years you have often posted absurd and untrue reports about North Korea , or to be correct the DPRK . This has usually taken the form of ridiculous stories taken from South Korea's dubious news outlets and include such favourites like ' Kim Jong Un Uncle fed to 142 starving dogs ' or ' Kim executes Uncle by artillery fire ' but this latest fairy tale takes some beating . It is common knowledge that the BBC will report any old rubbish about the DPRK to make it look bad and will interview " defectors " who more often than not turn out to be fakes or plants who even defect back to the North if they are dissatisfied with their new lives . This latest fantasy concerning the ability of the DPRK to hack into basically anything which could even result in the loss of life is even more absurd than what has gone before . Once again you only have the word of a ' high profile ' defector to go on , whose reasons for making such claims could be political , monetary or simply establishing himself as an ' expert ' for the West . These useful stooges come from a long line of sources who often turn out to be plain liars . Remember the defectors from Iraq who claimed to have worked in chemical weapon factories ? These same allegations were swallowed up by the BBC and were used to justify an illegal war .The BBC should focus on the real threats facing the world like IS , terrorism etc and leave these fables for the tabloids "
We suggest all UK KFA members follows the excellent example of this member and write to the BBC.

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