Sunday, 3 May 2015

South Korea, Kingdom of Crime

Of late, all kinds of crimes are rife in south Korea, driving people into constant uneasiness and horror.
On Feb. 27, a man in Hwasong of Gyonggi Province, sprayed bullets on his family after family discord over inheritance of property and shot four policemen dead including a head of police stand who were dispatched to crush it and eventually he took his own life. 
On Feb. 25, a man in Sejong City shot three men dead after arguing with them about a trifle at a shop.
Gun-related crime is not a surprising matter in south Korea where all sorts of social evils are rampant. It is just a tip of the iceberg
A wanted criminal in his forties exchanged fire with the policemen at Cheolwon in 2013 and in the same year a 63-year old criminal shot a woman to death in Hwasong.
In south Korea, parents take their children’s life, children slay their parents and a wife kill her husband for the sake of money. 
A teenage boy slaughtered his mother and sister to take the insurance, a woman in her thirties committed infanticide, a child throttled his parents for he is reluctant to feed and clothe them and a woman killed his husband in order to collect the insurance.
Two people were stabbed to death and one man was seriously injured in Jinju City of South Gyeongsang Province on March 17. 
About 6 000 crimes are committed in every day.
Now the south Koreans cursed south Korea where money is everything, deploring a social atmosphere regarding money as the supreme value encourages unethical crimes.

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