Friday, 15 May 2015

SK puppets lying again

Some more on the reports that first came from the south Korean "National Intelligence Service " concerning general Hyon Yong Chol Minister of People's Armed Forces of the DPRK . The allegations made by the south Korean puppet NIS ,despite their record of fabricated stories which invariably turn out to be false (ie that of Ms Hyon Song Wol who later turned up very much alive at at conference) were reported as fact by the Western imperialist media. Some backtracking occurred with the NIS saying that gen Hyon Yong Chol may have been 'purged' (removed from post and disgraced) rather than executed. A large number of sources have also pointed that Gen Hyon has been seen in tv documentaries shown on DPRK tv in recent days.
It is UK KFA's view that the stories about the "execution " are completely false and without foundation. Of course it is true that the DPRK demands a high degree of efficiency from its armed forces and those who not cannot carry out their duties correctly and efficiently are removed from their positions. 
For a purge and execution to take place there would have to a meeting of the Central Committee or Political Bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea . Then a trial of the accused . This not happened. Supposedly there was a public execution to give an example of what happens to those who oppose the leader and the system but again no mention of this in the DPRK's own media . A strange kind of public execution that no one knows about .
What of the idea of executing people with Anti-Aircraft guns ! Sounds shocking but is it plausible ? No basically . It would be a messy and clumsy way of executing people when one single bullet to the head or the back of the neck could do the job easier and more cost effectively. Some ex military sources point that this supposed method of execution would put the executioners and anyone watching at risk from injury from ricochet. Anti aircraft guns in the DPRK exist for a specific purpose -to shoot down any intruding enemy aircraft . 
                                            Stories about "executions by AA Guns " were first floated by the so-called  "Committee for Human Rights in north Korea "(HRNK) an extreme reactionary organisation which publishes inaccurate and shoddy material  and it is linked to ultra-rightists. HRNK have recently tried to say that satellite images "prove "(amazing what satellite images can show these days !) that the DPRK used AA guns to to execute people but in fact the satellite image proves nothing of the sort . At best HRNK are indulging in paranoid and imaginative speculation and at worst blatantly lying !
The Western imperialist media glibly repeat all kinds of lies and half truths from the south Korean media in order to smear Juche socialism and set people against it. However, what about the original source of these tall stories , the south Korean media and south Korean puppet National Intelligence Service ? What do they hope to achieve from these lies. Firstly , stories like these are designed to stir up tension and create confrontation with the DPRK. Secondly , there is a more deeper reason such stories distract from people from south Korea's internal contradictions . In recent weeks there has been a massive corruption scandal in south Korea resulting in the prime minster standing down . Workers marching on May Day were tear gassed and had water cannons turned on them. There are millions of unemployed and homeless in south Korea. Nonsense about "executions by Anti-Aircraft guns" covers up these problems

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