Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hot-blooded Outcry

35 years have passed since the Gwangju Popular Uprising in south Korea.
The uprising was a heroic resistance to stand against the U.S. colonial domination over south Korea and military fascist dictatorship and realize the desire for independence, democracy and reunification.
The south Korean military group massacred the Gwangju uprisers desirous of freedom and democracy in cold blood.
The Gwangju Popular Uprising was frustrated by military intervention of the US and south Korean fascist military clique, but it was a nationwide action against the US and fascism that dealt a serious blow at the colonial rule of the US.
It was a heroic one that demonstrated the indomitable will of the south Korean people and was a historic watershed that developed the struggle for independence against the US.
The desire of the uprisers for independence, democracy and reunification has not yet been realized though 35 years have passed since the uprising. The aspiration and desire of the people for independence, democracy and reunification are being trampled down in south Korea ruled by the descendants of the "yusin" dictatorship.
The Park Geun-hye regime has pursued policy of dependence on the US in all fields of south Korea including politics, the economy and culture, while reviving the past “yusin” fascist dictatorship. It brings to naught all the successes made by the south Korean people in the efforts to achieve democracy.
Legitimate political parties and progressive media are being forcibly dismantled or closed and the working people’s right to existence is wantonly violated by the south Korean ruling quarters.
The south Korean authorities have cracked down the people’s righteous drive against their misrule on charge of "following the north" and plunged inter-Korean relations into a deadlock through frantic confrontation with the same brethren.
The miserable situation of south Korea is reminiscent of the Gwangju uprising.
Only when the south Korean people rise up as one in the massive anti-"government" resistance by inheriting the spirit of the Gwangju resistance uprisers, can they smash the U.S. colonial domination and the Park Geun-hye group's treacherous rule and realize their desire for independence, democracy and reunification.
The spirit displayed by the Gwangju resistance fighters remains fresh.
The people of all social strata in south Korea should resolutely punish the puppet group swimming against the era and the people's mindset and committing monstrous crimes against the nation by intensively conducting actions against Park Geun-hye and her “government” in united efforts with strong spirit displayed by the uprisers.

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