Friday, 1 May 2015

Some More Thoughts On Prof Hazel Smith's "Guardian " Article

In her article "Dangerous, isolated and primed for war? North Korean clichés debunked " Prof Hazel Smith slanders the DPRK's defensive capabilities . Of course this is done in the name of proving that the DPRK is not a threat . What is of course correct is that south Korea does indeed spend far than the DPRK on the military . She could have pointed that south Korea is the biggest importer of US weapons in the world and not only US weapons but weapons from the EU and Israel as well. Prof Smith did not bother to mention the large US nuclear stockpiles in south Korea nor the fact that the DPRK not only faces a threat from the US and south Korea but also Japan.
Prof Smith repeats south Korean propaganda about " hardware is out of date, its military infrastructure decrepit " and " hungry and disaffected " troops . This has all come from the south Korean rumour mill. Having seen 2 DPRK military parades in 2012 and in 2013 it is just pure nonsense to say that the DPRK's troops are "hungry and disaffected ", again how would Prof Smith know this, how many KPA soldiers has she met, has she looked at their rations and weighed the amount of food or something ? . Viewing the military parades from where I was sitting the military hardware looked up to date and very substantial but military experts may disagree. The Juche viewpoint on war is that the outcome of war is not decided by weapons alone but by the ideology and spirit of those who hold the weapons ! . Imperialists beware !
Below is a video of the 2013 military parade - you can make your own mind up as to whether the troops are "hungry " or "disaffected"

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