Thursday, 7 May 2015

KCNA Commentary Terms U.S.-led Human Rights Campaign against DPRK Counterproductive

 Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- Recently, the U.S., Japan and the south Korean puppet regime are going busy sponsoring anti-DPRK "human rights" farces such as the "week of freedom in north Korea", hearing and seminar in the U.S.
    There, the "special envoy for human rights issue in north Korea" of the U.S. Department of State cried out for ratcheting up pressure upon the DPRK over its "human rights issue" and leading the thinking of its citizens to a change through "Free North Korea Radio" and information media.
    The Japan minister in charge of the "abduction issue", supporting the establishment of a UN "office for human rights in the north", talked rubbish that it is necessary for the UNSC to "continue discussing the human rights issue in north Korea."
    The south Korean puppet regime has also gone reckless, taking advantage of the U.S.-led human rights racket against the DPRK.
    This campaign should never be overlooked as it is part of the hostile forces' reckless moves to intensify the attack against the DPRK over its non-existent human rights issue.
    This campaign is the most vivid manifestation of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK as it is aimed at bringing down its socialist system centered on the popular masses. The socialist system was chosen by themselves and they deem it dearer than their lives.
    The U.S. scenario was clearly evidenced by the fact that the secretary general of the "Commission for Human Rights in North Korea" underlined the need for the U.S. government to let the UN and governments of various countries join in dealing with the "human rights issue in north Korea."
    To seek the total collapse of the socialist system in the DPRK through an "all-out offensive" is the pivot of Washington's hostile policy towards the former.
    The U.S. scenario to internationalize the human rights campaign against the DPRK is, in essence, a hideous fascist dictatorial one not to recognize its political mode and social system but to transform them as required by the former only. In the final analysis, it is an act of destroying the foundation of the mechanism for guaranteeing human rights established by the international community.
    All the charades recently staged in the U.S., the worst human rights abuser, are no more than political cartoons designed to falsify truth and pull the wool over the eyes of the world people with lies and fabrications.
    Tragedy is that the U.S. and its allies are recklessly behaving, utterly unaware of the consequences to be entailed by the above-said racket.
    They had better face up to the stark reality that the escalating racket against the DPRK would only harden the Korean people's faith in socialism and their will to firmly defend it.
    Their escalating pressure upon the DPRK would only compel it to take tougher counteraction to foil it. -0-

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