Thursday, 7 May 2015

Rodong Sinmun Deals with Ever-widening Gap between Poor and Rich

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- The ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor in the present world is ascribable to "globalization" and the old international economic order, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in an article.
"Globalization" rooted in Western-style "liberal democracy" is, in essence, to capitalize the world, the article says, and goes on:
To this end, the reactionaries of history forced all countries in the world to introduce capitalistic "multi-party system" and "democracy" into their politics.
Political chaos and socio-economic catastrophe have been fomented in the countries which introduced "globalization" and their peoples have groaned with misfortune and pain.
The present international economic order established by the imperialists is the unfair economic relations in which such jungle law as inequality among countries, encroachment upon sovereignty of other countries and unilateral interests-seeking prevails.
By taking advantage of various levers of the present old and unfair international economic system, the imperialists have enforced predatory policies to seek their own interests only by sacrificing the ones of developing countries.
The reality proves that the tragedy that the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer can neither be terminated nor can an independent and prosperous world be built unless the old and unfair international economic order is shattered. -0-

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