Friday, 8 May 2015

National Aerospace Development Administration Clarifies Its Principled Stand

   Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- Space development represents an indomitable soul of Juche Korea, ardent desire for prosperity and an expression of inexhaustible strength to outpace the world.
    The United States and the undesirable hostile forces led by it cursed for their injustice and ill nature are challenging the fair public opinion with their sheer sophism and far-fetched assertions.
    They claim that the construction of the satellite control centre in the DPRK is "part of the preparations to fire ballistic missiles soon", "provocation disturbing global peace and security" and "an act of escalating confrontation with the international community".
    They have gone the lengths of letting loose of a litany of rubbish that "the capability to control satellite launching pad precisely means capability to control nuclear delivery means" and the DPRK is set to use it as "a card for negotiations with the U.S."
    They are steeped in such inveterate repugnance, persecution mania and practice of making profound confusing of right and wrong that they shout hoarse that the above-said center is a facility to command long-range ballistic missile and "a camouflaged facility" for developing missiles and it is subject to new sanctions of the UN.
    A spokesman for the National Aerospace Development Administration of the DPRK in a statement clarified the following principled stand:
    1. No one, be he or she, should any longer misinterpret the entirely just space development of the DPRK and float wild rumors about it.
    It is an important project being undertaken by scientists, technicians and workers of the DPRK for dignity and self-esteem of the nation to break through the cutting edge in the field of space development.
    If the U.S. and its allies, the undesirable forces, persistently vociferate about the center, refusing to face up to the reality, this will only sound like a dog's barking and the desperate bid they make, wasting time, will be little short of crazy efforts of rabid dogs.
    2. It is the invariable stand of the DPRK to continue launching satellites of Juche Korea for peaceful purposes in the designated place when necessary.
    It is entirely an independent right of the DPRK to launch precious satellites manufactured by its own efforts and technology.
    No matter who dares grumble and no matter how all hostile forces challenge the launch, satellites of Juche Korea will soar into the space one after another at the time and place designated and decided by the supreme leadership of the Korean revolution.
    3. The high dignity of the DPRK as a satellite manufacturer and launcher will be exalted as the days go by, regardless of whether it is recognized or not.
    Space development for peaceful purposes is a legitimate right of Songun Korea chosen by its party, army and people.
    The dignified status of the DPRK as a satellite manufacturer and launcher will never change no matter how desperately the U.S. and other hostile forces may deny. Therefore, the space development for peaceful purposes being pushed forward by the DPRK according to its long-term goal and plan is not the one to be abandoned due to others' opposition.
    The DPRK re-clarifies that its satellites will more dynamically soar into the space in succession, shattering the reckless moves of all the dishonest hostile forces in the indomitable spirit of the resourceful Korean nation. -

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