Monday, 25 May 2015

Respect to the Womens's International Peace March!

As a supporter of Songun(military first) and an anti-imperialist , I had some mixed feelings about the International Women's Peace March . On the one hand it was a bold initiative to challenge the division of Korea and oppose US imperialist warmongering . On the other hand it did there did appear to have liberal and pacifist tendencies and the idea of opposing indiscriminately all military activities . Irish friends will remember the rather one-sided peace campaigning of Ms Mairead Maguire (one of the leaders of the March) in the 1970s.
All that said I must say I fully respect the Women's Peace March and salute their courage in taking the initiative . They have been subject to criticism from the likes of self-confessed liar Scumbag Shin who has revealed his true face not only as a traitor and a deserter but also an ultra-rightist fanatic who is proud to be photographed with Bush the 2nd . Also right wing loony Americans have slandered the Marchers.
The DPRK too should be saluted for providing facilities to the marchers and organising meetings and symposiums. It was a great example of people working together . The DPRK organised a meeting with survivors and eye witnesses to US atrocities in Korea which gave a militant anti-imperialist edge to the proceedings. It should never been forgotten that the US is the author of Korea's division and keeps Korea divided today!

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