Friday, 1 May 2015

S. Korean Regime Will Face Disaster Only for Fabrication of "Law on Human Rights in North": CPRK Secretariat

Pyongyang, May 1 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released its information bulletin No. 1093 Friday blasting the south Korean puppet conservative group for its desperate moves to pass the "bill on human rights in the north" through the "National Assembly" (NA).
    The gentries of the "Saenuri Party" openly revealed their sinister design to fabricate the "law on human rights in the north" by unilaterally railroading the "bill" through the NA as an "agenda item requiring prompt solution", talking rubbish that it is "very shameful" to see the "bill" not yet carried and it is a historic duty for them to make it a law.
    This is a hideous provocation against the dignified social system and people of the DPRK, an unpardonable challenge to it and a vicious confrontational move to push the north-south relations to the worst catastrophe, the information bulletin said, and went on:
    The ulterior aim sought by the puppet group to fabricate the "law on human rights in the north" is to ward off the influence of the DPRK at any cost, taken aback by it winning a victory after another, divert elsewhere the public resentment at the group's unpopular policies and human rights abuses, justify its confrontation with the compatriots in the north and thus tide over its ruling crisis.
    The gentries of the "Saenuri Party" had better mind their own business before taking issue with someone's "human rights" issue.
    If the south Korean puppet NA wants to save its face, it should abrogate all the unequal and shackling agreements and treaties south Korea concluded with the U.S., repeal all anti-human rights fascist laws including the "Security Law" and enact even a single proper law for ensuring the human rights of the south Korean people.
    The puppet group had better behave itself, bearing in mind that if it finally railroads through the NA the "bill on human rights in the north," which had remained in a dumping ground for over a decade as an evil one for escalating the confrontation with the DPRK, it will only face a catastrophic disaster only. -0-

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