Thursday, 28 May 2015

Defend the DPR Korea, support UK KFA !


The reactionary bosses of Yankee imperialism are talking about increasing sanctions on the DPRK even though it is already one of the most sanctioned countries in the world ! This is an attempt to stifle and crush Juche socialism. We need to do more to support the DPRK against US imperialism. Facebook postings and statements are all very well but we need action, we need to increase support on the ground. The DPRK stands out as a shining example of an authentic socialist country . However you do not have to be a total socialist to support the DPRK as it is a country that upholds independence . It is free from imperialism and domination.
Although some other organisations do work in support of People's Korea , UK KFA is the only organisation that consistently supports the DPRK day in day out , so please support us . We have a number of events planned for next month .
Absolutely crucial are our AGM on the 6th of June and our picket on the 25th of June. We hope to see all of you there

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