Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Association For the Restoration of the Fatherland was Juche-based and Songun based -special article


Today is the 79th anniversary of the foundation of the Association For the Restoration of the Fatherland by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG . The ARF was a revolutionary anti-imperialist united front as it was aimed at the overthrow of Japanese imperialism through armed struggle rather through petitions and the like . It was genuinely Juche-based and Songun based. It although it was an anti-fascist popular front it was different to popular fronts in Europe because it aimed at changing social relations by overthrowing Japanese imperialism . In particular Japanese property was to be confiscated and distributed free of charge, To quote from the Ten Point Programme of the ARF " To confiscate all enterprises, railways, banks, shipping, farms and irrigation systems owned by Japan and Japanese and all property and estates owned by pro-Japanese traitors, so as to raise funds for the independence movement and use part of these funds for the relief of the poor.... To abolish the caste system which divides the ryangban (nobles) and the common people, and other inequalities; to ensure equality based on humanity irrespective of sex, nationality or religion; to improve the social position of women and respect their personalities "
Popular fronts in other countries were simply to defend democracy from the threat of fascism and this meant bourgeois democracy whereas the ARF had as its aim the advance towards a new society . It was also under the leadership of the Communist Party and it did not surrender the leadership to other forces.

Dermot Hudson

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