Saturday, 23 May 2015

Ridiculous utterance of “human rights”

 Now south Korean chief executive Park Geun-hye and the ruling Saenuri Party have made desperate attempts to set up a UN "office for human rights in north Korea" is expected to be opened in Seoul within June and worked hard to railroad the "bill on human rights in the north" through the 19th "National Assembly".
The "bill on human rights in the north" much touted by the south Korean authorities is a confrontational evil law after the passage of the "North Korean Human Rights Act" in the U.S. in 2004 as a tool to strangle and isolate the DPRK.
 The "bill on human rights in the north" stipulates the establishment of the “human rights foundation”, financial support to north Korean defectors hell-bent on scattering leaflets against north Korea by providing fund, founding of the “human rights archive” and appointment of the “north Korean human rights ambassador”. The bill is strongly denounced by the broad segments of south Korean people as it escalates inter-Korean distrust and confrontation and aims at realizing wicked ambition of the "unification of social systems".
It also specifies that the south Korean Unification Ministry keeps the “advisory body of the north Korean human rights” and minister of Unification directly controls the organizations contacting with north Korea. It is aimed to block cooperation and exchange between inter-Korean civic bodies under the pretext of the “north Korean human rights issue.”
The above-said facts prove the fabrication of the "bill on human rights in the north" is a manifestation of its attempts to block inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation and realize wild ambition of the "unification of social systems", defaming the dignified image of north Korea.  
The south Koreans of various circles strongly censure the bill that of declaring the deterioration of inter-Korean ties, supporting leaflet scattering against north Korea and fomenting distrust and confrontation.  
The south Korean authorities, obsessed with confrontation with fellow countrymen and hostility towards it, persist in the enactment of the "bill on human rights in the north" at the instigation of the south Korean chief executive.
The south Korean authorities malignantly slandered the dignified social system of the DPRK in a recent UN "seminar on human rights in north Korea" in New York, US.
During her junket to foreign countries in April, Park Geun-hye vociferated about the “north Korean human rights issue” at a meeting with south Koreans, press conference and speech at parliament and trumpeted that she cannot countenance the “north Korean human rights issue” any longer.
The DPRK people as the master of the government and society exercise political liberty and rights and enjoy independent life to the full. 
In contrary, the human rights issue arises as a serious issue in south Korea where the reactionary ruling circles hold power, turning against the people.
The puppet group in south Korea is the top class criminals who have turned it into tundra of human rights and a dark land as a colonial stooge of the U.S. It is ridiculous, indeed, for it to stage a despicable and strange burlesque over inviolable human rights.
It is intolerable that the south Korean conservative clique resorts to the deterioration of inter-Korean relations and the "unification of social systems", continuing to tarnish the dignity and system of north Korea under the signboard of the “north Korean human rights” despite strong denunciation of the Korean nation and world peace-loving people.

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