Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Reactionary anti-socialist , anti-communist and anti-people nature of the UN Report on "Human Rights " in the DPRK.

A lot has been said on the subject of the so-called UN "Commission of Inquiry " report into "human rights " in the DPRK . The report has been pulled apart and refuted many times over . However it is relevant to make a few more comments on it as it apparently takes issue with the DPRK's treatment of "landlords, capitalists, collaborators with the Japanese colonial government " . This shows the absurdity of the report and its deeply reactionary nature . Why shouldn't those(and their descendants) who collaborated with the cruel and barbarous colonial rule of imperialist Japan be punished ? What is wrong with this ? Those who betray their country and co-operate with imperialism need to be dealt with sternly . Similarly the DPRK was absolutely correct to crush exploiters like landlords and capitalists who exploited the people and made their lives a misery . In fact the DPRK dealt with such elements in an even, fair and proportionate manner . Visiting the DPRK in 2013 I spoke to my guide on about the land reform and the landlords . The landlords were not shot or hung but their land was confiscated without compensation and distributed free . The landlords by and large were not even imprisoned , they were moved and resettled in other areas . They were even given a piece of land to work (what could be more fairer) . The trouble was that being a bunch of lazy useless idle rich parasites the landlords refused to work .
Under socialism it is necessary to crush the remnants of the exploiting class who try to restore the old exploitative system , in doing so it actually increases the freedom of the working people to live free from exploitation . As the great leader President KIM IL SUNG said "Also, within our social system subversive counter-revolutionary influences infiltrate from without and the survivors of the overthrown exploiter classes agitate within; so, the class struggle is necessary to suppress these counter-revolutionary activities.
In this way, there is, in a socialist society, a form of class struggle exercising dictatorship over both external and internal enemies, along with the basic form of class struggle which aims to revolutionize and remould the workers, peasants and working intellectuals through cooperation so as to achieve unity and solidarity
Thus the criticisms of the DPRK by the "Commission of Inquiry ", apart from being fabricated and based on the words of a handful of treacherous turncoats , also reveal a deep anti-socialist , anti-communist bias.  At the end of the day the report is an anti-people report !

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